WOD: 6/7/11

20 Minute AMRAP:

400m Run

7 Muscle Ups

*scores will be posted to comments


Protein & PROGENEX

A lot of the members have been asking me about protein supplements.  I recommend taking some form of protein after you work out and possibly at other times of the day.

The point is this: you should get a protein supplement from somebody and take it because it will make you more fit.  I have Progenex available at CFM, but you don’t have to buy it from me, as long as you get it from somebody.  Body Shak does a good job and they have good products, so if you’d rather get it from another source, go there and tell them Anthony sent you.  As far as Progenex is concerned.  I have had great results when taking it, so I think it’s a great product.

This is how I explain Progenex in plain (non scientific) English:
After a hard or crushing workout (and this is CrossFit so let’s face it every workout is crushing whether it is 50 seconds or 50 minutes) you have roughly a 1 hour window of opportunity where, if somehow you can get protein into your muscle cells you can recover back to baseline strength within 3 to 6 hours instead of the standard 48 to 72 hours like we are all used to.
Protein is all about absorption.  You can eat all the protein you want but if it doesn’t absorb and at the correct times it is literally wasted.  If you eat a piece of chicken after that crushing workout it will take upwards of 5 hours to absorb into your muscle cells.  Way past the window of opportunity.

Progenex is derived from whey protein.  The cheapest kind of whey protein is a “concentrate”.   It is full of impurities like lactose and fats.  This is the kind of protein supplement that bloats you and can give you G.I. issues.  This takes around 3 hours to absorb and you are still not hitting that window.
The next higher quality of whey protein is an Isolate, where they strip out all of the impurities and you are left with “Isolated” or pure whole whey protein.  This still takes 1.5 to 2 hours to absorb and still outside the window of opportunity.
The Progenex manufacturers start with a high quality Isolate and we use enzymes to cut or “hydrolyze” into very small peptide sequences to the point where it is essentially “pre-digested.”  When you take their recovery product immediately post workout the protein absorbs into your muscle cells in approximately 15 to 30 minutes, well within the window of opportunity and allows strength regeneration and recovery in hours instead of days.  You will also see significant improvements in soreness, fatigue, energy and tiredness.

Their More Muscle product is also Hydrolyzed whey protein for fast absorption but has it has added protein components such as Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) to facilitate faster muscle growth and added strength gains.  These protein components are well documented to produce strength and muscle gains and their research has yielded an ideal blend.
The most important time to take recovery is immediately post workout.  If you are looking for carbohydrate (glycogen replacement) you can take fruit, sweet potato or juices with it but wait 30 minutes before you eat any whole proteins.
The next most important time to take Progenex is first thing in the morning.  I recommend taking More Muscle first thing after you wake up.  At this time your muscles are in a state of starvation and are cannibalizing themselves.  The same concept with Recovery applies here.  If you eat chicken first thing in the morning it won’t absorb for around 5 hours and your muscle cells keep starving.
If you really want to get serious about pounding protein, you can address uniform protein absorption while you sleep by taking More Muscle before bed.

For those that are trying to lose fat via caloric restriction, it works well for a meal replacement.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me when you show up.  If you’re interested in picking up some of the good stuff (Progenex), we got you covered.

9 thoughts on “WOD: 6/7/11

  1. 5:30 AM
    Julie – 3 + 6 Pullups (purple/assist)
    Greg – 3 (black/assist)
    Beatrice – 2 + 400m (ring row/box)
    Rebecca – 2 + 8 Pullups (green/assist)
    Jannita – 3 (green/assist)
    Martha – 4 (green/assist)

    Foundations Day 2
    Lacey – 3:40 (12″/p)
    Carrie – 3:14 (12″/p)

    7:00 AM
    Anthony – 6 Rx

    8:00 AM
    Bob – 26 (65/rom) – Yesterday’s WOD

    9:00 AM
    Maria – 4 (black/parallette)

  2. 3:30 PM
    Matt D – 5 + 1 MU (7c2b +7 Jumping MU)

    Foundations Day 3
    Matt J – 12:47 (12-9-6: 45/100m)

    4:30 PM
    AJ – 4 + 7 C2B (7c2b +7 Jumping MU)
    Chris – 4 + 7 C2B (7c2b +7 Jumping MU)
    Eddie – 4 + 2 MU Rx
    Chaze – 3 (7c2b +7 Jumping MU)
    Amanda – 3 (black/p)

    5:30 PM
    Dennis – 3 (ring row/box)
    Aric – 5 + 290m (7c2b +7 Jumping MU)
    Alex – 5 (7c2b +7 Jumping MU)
    Bren – 3 (black/assisted)
    Jeremiah – 3 + 3 RD (green/assisted)

    6:30 PM
    Lori – 3 + PU’s + 13 RD’s (blue/assisted)
    Gilbert – 3 + 300m (green/assisted)
    Rachael – 3 + 400m (black/assisted)
    Vanessa – 3 + 300m (Green/ assisted)

    Foundations Day 4
    Hayden – 15:43

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  5. I love both of these individually…yet, I would never truly have thought of putting them together like this. I guess, I'll need to try it in order to appreciate the appeal of such a combo ;o) Anyhow, it does look tempting ;))Angie, here's wishing you the very best in the New Year.Flavourful wishes,Claudia

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