WOD: 6/18



Thrusters (95/65)


“Fran” is generally recognized as the most hated/loved/loathed/revered/feared/beautiful of all the benchmark workouts.  It is a couplet of two high-power-output movements formatted in such a way that drains your body.

Fran is one of the first CrossFit workouts I had ever done.  A few years ago I was at CrossFit FTF in Fresno, talking with the coaches there.

“What’s your Fran time?” they asked?

“Never Done it…”

“Wanna do it now?”


“How fast do you think you can do it?”

I looked up at their leaderboards.  Some guy named Brennan had a time of 2:44.  Others on the leaderboard had scores of 3:15 – 5:20.  I thought I was good shape and I wanted to beat Brennan’s time, but I also wanted to show a bit of humility so I said “About 4 minutes.”   You see, I was new to this stuff and I was unaware of how much I had to learn.

“3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . GO!”

I finished in 9:31 Rx.  I was a bit embarrassed, but my physical condition was worse.  I sat in the corner of their gym for 45 minutes before I could even stand and pick up my keys.  Fran had nearly completely destroyed me.  I knew that this whole CrossFit thing was for me, though.  I would never go back to anything else.  I was hooked.

3 weeks later I tried Fran again: 5:18 Rx  –  There was some satisfaction in knowing I cut over 3 minutes off of my time, but Brennan’s 2:44 was still hanging over my head.

9 months later: 3:08 Rx   –    This was a rough experience for me.  After I finished I experienced pre-shock symptoms.  Shaky, uncontrollable hands, cold sweat, incoherence.  I didn’t recover for several days.  I was satisfied with my score, however.  It was a decent score.  I told myself that I wouldn’t do Fran again until I can honestly make a run at Brennan’s 2:44.  (I do not know this superhuman named Brennan, but if I ever meet him, I will surely thank him for the unique manner in which he has motivated me.)

Today is that day.  I hope you all got your rest over the weekend.  I hope you all are hydrated and nourished.  Today our WOD is my nemesis.


9 thoughts on “WOD: 6/18

  1. Scott – 8:15 Rx
    Becky – 10:11 Rx
    Carrie – 9:58 Rx
    Brian – 15:31 Rx
    Harley – 11:04 Rx
    Greg – 11:07 (green)
    Beatrice – 10:47 (25/purple)
    Lacey – 14:08 (55/black)
    Jeff – 19:10 (red)

    Deanna – 9:08 (55/green)
    Michelle S – 12:25 (35/green)
    Cami – 13:23 (green)
    LeeAnne – 11:45 (35/black)
    Jenny – 10:37

    Tony – 18:19 (75)
    Jannita – 9:25 (35/black)
    Rebecca – 9:24 (45/green)
    Jeff Y – 9:15 (65/green)
    AJ – 6:02 Rx

    Amanda – 16:36 (black)
    Eddie – 4:37 Rx
    Chris G – 16:26 Rx
    Jen – 13:26 Rx
    Jessica – 6:38 (55/green)
    Maria – 9:28 (45/green)
    Elliana – 9:57 (red)
    Rosa – 11:10 (25/black)
    Morgan L – 8:12 (35/green)
    Ralph – 15:09 (75/green)
    Gilbert – 16:16 (blue)
    Lori – 9:37 (mini purple)
    Lindsi – 9:20 (35/green)
    Morgan M – 11:28 Rx

    Anthony – 3:12 Rx
    Jason M – 3:46 Rx
    Brian G – 5:38 Rx

    Damiana – 15:31 (35/green)

    Bren – 14:58 (blue)
    Chaze – 7:34 Rx
    Rachael M – 11:09 (black)
    Jeremiah – 11:40 (75)
    Michelle Gr – 13:22 (45/green)

    Jim – 13:57 (75/mini)
    Vanessa – 9:20 (35/blue)
    Aric – 4:57 Rx

    Foundations Day 1
    Kevin –
    Jesica – (blue)
    Marissa – (blue)

    Nicole – 3:53 (35/p)
    Luciana – 4:17 (p)

    Foundations Day 3
    Alexa – 16:46 (45)
    Peg – 18:04 (15/row)

    Friday’s “Nancy”
    Lori – 18:23 Rx
    Gilbert – 24:57

    1. This is so cute – thanks for posting. I teach this age and sometimes after chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo the kids will clap (like Jap Preet did at the end). One toddler started tuning in as I was taking my coat off for the yoga class but it went something like: Oooh Daadoo Dudu Dev Daadoo. How delheitful!Childrgn really connect with the music and chanting.

  2. 10:01- RX
    Difference of over 5 minutes from my last dance with Fran. Guess that is what happens when you ensure you have full ROM. Was able to string 7 kipping pullups then it went to hell. Just have to keep practicing till I beat Anthony’s times, LMFAO!

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