WOD: 4/4

25 Minute AMRAP:

5 Turkish Get-Ups (53/35)

400m Run

*Post Rounds.  Compare to 7/29/11.


Blonyx Products

There are a lot of bogus supplements out there that muscle-magazines try to convince you that you NEED.  The supplement industry is full of fraudulent and unsafe products.  Generally I am the first to be skeptical about all of them.  I’ve always said that if you eat enough clean food and use productive recovery methods, you don’t need to add anything to your daily intake.  I’ve also said that, even though I train harder (more volume) than most, I don’t need anything more than a post workout recovery supplement (which, btw, I take Progenex and I love it) and Fish oil (Omega 3’s have so many benefits, but I prefer it for the anti-inflammatory effects; I take SFH).  That’s it – Protein, Fish Oil, and Food. Don’t waste your time or money on the rest.  It’s all caffeine-based stuff that makes you FEEL fitter, but doesn’t actually provide any real advantage.

Well, there may be something else out there that some of you might be interested in.  3 months ago I started taking HMB from a company called Blonyx.  Blonyx gets it.  They understand that health is about building your body in a sustainable way.  They know that health is NOT about fake, synthetic compounds that make you feel good at first, but eventually become just a flash in the pan.  I started taking HMB Sport because first, it’s safe:  It’s a simple, naturally occurring, science backed supplement that supports muscle cell health. Using it on a regular basis results has led to less muscle cell damage after my CrossFit workouts. This has then led to quicker recovery and faster muscle adaptation in my training. The HMB Sport product is made from one simple ingredient found in natural, healthy foods. It contains no additives, preservatives or fillers, which is ideal for me, because I am very concerned  about what goes into my body.

I wanted to be sure that it worked before I kept any supply for sale at CFM.  We’re not going to put ANYTHING on our shelves unless we know it’s safe and it’s effective.  3 months later, I’ve experienced noticeable differences in my recovery. (*Note: it will NOT make you stronger – you have to work hard and eat right to do that – it will just allow you to recover a bit more quickly so you can hit the WOD hard sooner)

Along with HMB Sport, we will also have HMB + Creatine.  This product is for someone who is looking to add strength through muscle growth.  Personally, I have not taken it because I’m not looking to add weight; creatine supplements will allow you to store more water in your muscle cells, making them more powerful.  This is ideal if you are a good runner/gymnast, but struggle with the heavy stuff.

I’ll always be honest with you, so I’ll tell you that these supplements are not for everyone.  Most of the members at CFM are casual CrossFitters, retaking function of their body.  Like I’ve always said: to accomplish this, you don’t need supplements.  If this is you, save your money.  The effects you would experience, if any, would be so subtle that you wouldn’t notice. Some of you, though, are pushing your bodies to the limit up to 6 times per week.  If that’s you, check out Blonyx products, now available for sale at CFM.


5 thoughts on “WOD: 4/4

  1. Due to my mother going in for surgery today I decided to honor her with Grace, but then I noticed on the mainsite that they had Heavy Grace posted. So I went with that one:
    9:05 Rx

    finished up with Wendler – standing press

      1. Thank you Anthony means alot to the family how much of a family CFM has been to us. If there is ever anything that anyone at CFM needs, let me know and I will move mountains to do my best.

  2. Bea – 5 + 5 (18)
    Lauren – 6 (18)
    Desiree – 5 + 5 (18)
    Julie – 8 + 200m (15)
    Eric – 5 + 200m (35)
    Nick – 6 + 2 (35)
    Patrick – 9 + 2 Rx
    Martha – 9 + 300m (18)
    Harley – 7 Rx
    Joe A – 8 + 5 (35)
    Mel – 4 dnf – calf injury
    Becky – 5 + 5 Rx
    Mike – 7 + 200m (35)

    Tobias – 9 (35)
    Jerry – 6 + 300m (15)
    Cuttone – 7 (35)

    Scott W – 9 + 100m Rx
    Morgan – 6 + 3 tgu (row)
    Chris P – 5 + 300m (26)
    Rachael M – 6 Rx
    Lynae – 6 + 1 (26)
    Luciana – 7 (26)
    Marcos – 5 + 3 tgu (35)

    Jason J – 7 Rx
    Gabe – 5 + 400m Rx
    Erin – 5 + 400m Rx
    Anthony – 10 + 380m Rx

    Foundations Day 1 “Baseline”
    Michelle Mc – 7:30 (green)

    Foundations Day 2
    Jason A – 8:52 Rx

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