WOD: 8/3


7 RFT of:

3 Deadlifts (315/225)

6 Box Jumps (30″/24″)

9 Burpees

200M Run

As many of you know, on July 17, CrossFit Merced lost our own Gabe Houser.  We shared a few words about Gabe on the day he passed.  Tomorrow we’ll honor Gabe’s memory CrossFit style with “House.”

We’d love to get as many folks out tomorrow to work as hard as Gabe would in a moment to honor our friend.  In a first for us, we (Jason and I) will be working out with the 5:30am gang (that was the class Gabe most often attended – oh and the reason you can’t go to 5:30am…’cause it’s “too early” right? Gabe came from Modesto) to honor our friend (then we’re probably going to share a meal as well).

There’s not enough time or distance or space or perspective for us to do a fair job telling you how much Gabe meant to us but we’ll share why “House” is what it is…

(HEAVY) Deadlifts:
Gabe LOVED deadlifting.  Loved it.  He generally like bad assed strong stuff but mobility wasn’t his strong suit.  The very simple idea of just picking up something heavy and screaming “MRWARRRRR!” always struck him as the fitness equivalent of swinging a battle axe.  (BTW…Gabe would CRUSH these 315lbers)

Box Jumps:
Gabe HATED box jumps.  Hated ’em tons.  With passion.  But guess what?  He kept doing ’em every time they came up.  Took more than a few shinburgers over the years but his 18″ box jump was up to a solid 30″ by the end.  BTW, as much as he hated box jumps, the idea of parting with flesh in the pursuit of fitness kinda suited him as well. 😉

Yeah.  He hated these too.  Everyone hates burpees.  Except Jason.  Unfortunately, even if you hate burpees, you can’t escape them.  Deal.  He did. 😉

Gabe HATED running.  Then, somehow, someway, he came to tolerate it.  In the last year or so, I think a credible case can be made that he almost liked it.

Even if he didn’t love running, he charged it House style.  Probably never won a footrace but he went from a guy who would nearly die running two or three miles to a guy who completed a 13+ mile Tough Mudder last year with his pals.

Most of this improvement in attitude came from running with his buddy (and our CFM friend) Joe Ameen.  (Unfortunately, with Joe’s enthusiasm came Joe’s running style and – let’s just say – it’s not in most textbooks)

7 Rounds:
Yeah.  Seven rounders suck.  Kinda long.  And guess what?  There’s no time cap on this.  Guess why?  Yep, ’cause if you didn’t put a cap on Gabe (and then tell him at least twice he was “at the cap”) he’d keep working.  Until. It. Was. Done.

We’ve seen Gabe go 60+ minutes on WODs that took J and I 20 minutes but it never mattered – he wasn’t going to quit.  While we very much encourage everyone to scale the WOD to their abilities (as we always do at CFM) we also want you to approach the WOD with a “I CAN AND WILL” attitude and not a “ZOMG SEVEN ROUNDS SUCKS” attitude.  That kinda attitude honors Gabe and he’s a friend worth honoring.

I’ll sign off with a link to a song Jason, our friend James and I put together for Gabe’s wedding – “Guns, Snakes, Computers & Bikes.”  We played it the second time at his memorial service as well ’cause he dug it so maybe you’ll grab a smile from it too.

We miss you Gabe.

– Brian & Jason (and the rest of the gang)

16 thoughts on “WOD: 8/3

  1. Thank you Brian and Jason for this!! I miss my friend Gabe for alot of reasons, his gentle nature, his genuine smile, and his unbreakable desire to push himself!!! On more than one occasion Van Housing inspired me!! Day in and day out he always worked harder than anyone else!! During strength work he didn’t stop with one minute left!! Gabe worked up to the deadline… Always!! My friend Gabr was a gentle giant and a simple man and this workout is perfect!! Nothing fancy just hard work just like Gabe!!!! I truly miss you Van Housing the Wolfpack will never be the same!! Rest easy brother!!!!

  2. Brian and everyone else at CFM… I was saddened to hear about your loss. I will be rocking this WOD in Copperopolis tomorrow morning.

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  3. Very passtionate post. Although I did not know Gabe very well, I had the pleasure of playing hover ball with him. I and Jason Davenport will gladly join you in honoring Gabe with this WOD at my house.

  4. I never meet House or had the privilege of a WOD with him, but by the caliber of his friends and what they have to say about him shows just what sort of man he was. That was one tough WOD to honor a tough man. My heart goes out to those who knew him…

    As most of you know my mother passed away earlier this week and today will be the services at St Patricks at 1000. Tomorrow will be a private burial for the family and close friends.
    For those that ever had the chance to meet her she was a loving woman. She devoted most of her life to the care of high risk foster children. As many people said through her “career” she didn’t just nurture those children, she “grew” them. Many of them were sick and had no chance for a long life, but under her loving care they grew and became much healthier, many even living longer than expected. She was a wonderful mother to 3 boys and even later in life to 3 girls and another little boy. She will be missed…

    Happy Bday to you as well Beatrice!!!!

  5. Joe- 23:22 Rx
    Erin S- 22:22 (185)
    Jason- 19:36 Rx
    Brian- 19:56 Rx
    Tony- 24:44 (215)
    Patrick- ?
    Nick F- 22:46 Rx
    Kim- ?
    Rachel- 26:25 (185)
    Becky- 25:30 (175)
    Tom B- 21:22 (225)
    Julie- 24:42 (175)
    James- ?
    Faust- 27:40 (225)
    Ashley- 19:20 (175)
    Bea- Happy Birthday!! 30:36
    Jim- 19:05 (225)
    Nick R- 25:18 (275)
    Andrew- 28:13 (115)
    Gill- 18:30 (185)
    Lauren- 19:56 (88kb)
    Wendell- 19:26 WRx
    Dan- 18:42 (225)
    Martha- 16:36 (125)
    Melanie- 22:20 (125)
    Amanda H- 48 (135)
    Chris Q- 26:28 (265)
    Harley- 25:40 Rx
    Jannita- 19:18 (105)

    Kevin- 18:27 (225)
    Mike- 20:15 (225BS)
    Genaye- 21:17 (105/20)
    Aaron- 18:18 Rx
    Cuttone- 20:25 (225)
    Todd- 20:53 (235)
    Jeff Y- 23:19 (255/24)
    Luciana- 19:45 (155)

    Juan- 18:47 Rx
    Jeremy- 16:58 (225)
    Simi- 20:50 (95)
    Merideth- 14:34 (130)
    Merci- 25:31 (125)
    Jason J- 21:01 (225)
    Luis S- 19:25 (145)
    Luis L- 20:52 (205)
    Hilary- 24:43 (125)
    Marcos- 28:34 (225)
    Demaris- 19:31 (155)
    Desiree- 17:17 (115)

    Eddie- 13:51 Rx
    Goods- 17:37 (sub 45lb ghd)

    Ron E- 20:52 (225)
    Steve H- 22:37 (175/24)
    Emily- 30:10 (155/20)
    Rich- 23:59 (275/24)
    Cameron- 18:00 Rx
    Vanessa L- 20:48 (175)
    Mitch F- 16:34 (235)
    Clow- 20:07 (T2B/row)

    Nick Q- 23:12 Rx
    Vanessa G- 26:18 (135)
    Raquel- 23:25 (135)
    Bren- 25:52 Rx
    John- 27:01 (185/24)
    Stefanie- 20:48 (135)
    Sandi- 23:00 (85/20)
    Chris P- 19:21 (115/15)

    Foundations Day 1:
    Colton- 7:31 (blue)

  6. I only knew Gabe as a voice over the phone helping me out with computer problems. But even at that level I got a sense of what a great guy he was. I thought of him throughout the WOD this morning. Rest in peace Gabe.

  7. There was something bittersweet that lingered around the box today, you could feel it when you walked through the door. It started when I walked in and saw that 30 people hit the “House” WOD before Starbucks had brewed their first cup of coffee. The dread of heavy dead lifts, and the enthusiasm to finish strong for our dear friend Gabe, lingered in the air. Today’s WOD spoke for itself. Brutal. And the athletes that I watched, that raced against the clock, are just as fierce as the WOD itself. For many of us, Crossfit Merced is our home away from home. Though maybe a motley crew, we are a family. And when I watched athletes walk through that door, I knew they came here with a purpose. They were going to go hard, not quit, dig deep, jump higher, and run faster than they do on any other day of the week. Because we lost a member of our family. And they were going to make Gabe proud. I saw more than one athlete lose their lunch today. And more than one athlete jump on a box that they thought was too high. But they did it. For Gabe. And they did great. I saw athletes SPRINT their last 100m to get through that front door. To give EVERYTHING they had. I got chills more than once today as I saw the fight in peoples eyes. And in their hearts.
    Today was awesome.

    1. I agree Cami. It was awesome for the two hours I was there. Everyone went and gave every ounce of energy they had in them and pushed themselves to limits they didn’t know they had. Even the members who didn’t know Gabe showed up and still gave it their all as if it was their personal best friend. Thanks to the awesome family we have at CFM, I feel honored to be part of it. Thanks to everyone for inspiring me to be better every day.

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