WOD: 4/8/13

Strength:  7X2 First Pull + Hang Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

Notes: This movement should be performed with a pull to the knees—First Pull, a 3 second pause at the knees, then a Snatch from the hang position (at the knees)


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
25 Wall Balls 20/14#

*Rest 1 minute after the first round, and rest 2 minutes after the second round.

Notes: Each round should be an all-out effort. Do not pace runs to make Wall Balls easier.

10 thoughts on “WOD: 4/8/13

  1. Patrick – 11:40 Rx
    Danny – 11:04 Rx
    Martha – 12:31 Rx
    Todd – 12:39 (9′)
    Chris M – 16:04 (14)
    Adnrew – 13:53 (14)
    Wendell -14:55 (14)
    Kim – 17:24 (rom/row)
    Cuttone – 15:30 Row/30#
    Cindy B – 14:23 (8′)
    Cristin – 13;50 (6)

    Christine – 16:48 (10)
    Joey – 12:42 Rx
    Maya T – 20:26 (10)
    Jason A – 10:28 Rx

    Harley – 12:24 Rx+
    Steph – 11:44 Rx
    Jason J – 9:55 (air squats)
    Steve H – 13:20 (14)
    Brittney – 12:57 (10)
    Lori Ga – 17:20 (6)
    Jamie H – 11:57 Rx
    Michelle M – 13:22 (10)
    Jannita – 14:05 (10)
    Amber – 14:54 (10)
    Solana – 15:15 (10)
    Jen – 14:27 Rx
    Adriana – 13:29 (12)
    Chris R – 12:38 Rx

    Ron E – 12:00 Rx
    Cameron – 13:17 Rx
    Steph S – 14:11 Rx
    Alexa L – OW
    Yolanda – 14:56 (10)
    Erin F – 12:51 Rx
    Art – 14:30 Rx
    Krista – 13:15 Rx

    Nic S – 10:31 Rx
    Luis S – 11:39 Rx
    Emily – 17:10 Rx
    Merci – 12:14 Rx
    Sandy – subs
    Rheanne – 12:42 Rx
    Alex A – 11:17 Rx
    Gus – 10:22 Rx
    Desiree – 13:52 Rx
    Tony S – 12:19 Rx
    Holly A – 14:12 (10)
    Melissa – 15:17 (6)
    Luis L – 13:05 Rx
    Scott D – 10:53 Rx
    Lori Go – 11:44 Rx

    Juan – 10:009 Rx
    Magana – 12:53 Rx
    Jason D – 11:52 Rx
    Raquel – 13:07 Rx
    Vanessa L – 13:07 Rx
    Alyssa – 14:30 (10/rom)
    Chris P – 14:09 (10)
    Julie – 12:44 Rx
    Lauren – 12:28 Rx
    Michelle Gr – 12:09 Rx
    Dominique – 14:15 Rx
    Demaris – 11:48 Rx
    Rick – 10:31 Rx
    Amanda – 12:25 Rx
    Andrew P – 13:01 Rx
    Riley – 13:1 (6)

    Paul L – 11:34 Rx
    Amy – 13:11 (rom)
    Ana – 15:04 (box)
    Jen T – 14:07 (box)
    Nikki – 12:33 (10)
    Valdez – 14:37 Rx
    Carson – 10:07 Rx

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