WOD: 5/10/13

Strength: EMOM for 14 Minutes Alternating:

1a) 1 Power Clean +3 Front Squats @ 70-80%
1b) ME UB Perfect Pushups

*Notes: Pick a FS weight between 70-80% that is challenging but fast. Error on the side of heavy for the FS load.


*In teams of 2

20 minute AMRAP of:

30 Lateral Burpees over BB (partners alternate every 5 reps)
20 BB Weighted (Front Rack) Walking Lunges @ 95/65# (1 partner completes all 20 per round—teams alternate every round)
30 Ab-Mat Sit-ups (The other partner—who did not complete the lunges—completes all 30 per round)
20 Touch-N-Go Power Snatches (partners alternate every 5 reps)

Remember, when you finish your workout, hang out and be supportive of those who haven’t finished yet. It takes a lot of guts to keep working out when most of the other athletes in the class are finished. Give the late finishers some credit for having the courage to complete all their reps with integrity. Show them your support and respect by waiting to rack your equipment until everyone is done. Encouragement and team support goes a long way.

Also, don’t be late to classes. You should be mostly warm and ready to when the class starts. We understand that life happens, so lateness is excusable if it is rare or infrequent.

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