WOD: 5/20/13

Strength:  7×1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – heavy but perfect, rest 60 sec.


*With a running clock and no rest between:

2 minutes ME Handstand Hold (accumulate as many seconds as possible)

6 minute AMRAP of:

15 Hang Power Cleans @ 115/75#
15 Burpees

2 minutes ME Handstand Hold (accumulate as many seconds as possible)

4 minute AMRAP of:

10 Hang Power Cleans @ 115/75#
10 Burpees

2 minutes ME Handstand Hold (accumulate as many seconds as possible)


Reminder: CFM will be closed on Friday for Regionals.

I’m incredibly excited to start Regionals week!  The support I’ve gotten from our CrossFit Merced family has been an amazing blessing.  Everyday I am encouraged by all of you who show your support in so many different ways.

Competing at Regionals this weekend will certainly be an amazing experience, but I can’t help but think that the journey is greater than the destination.   Every step of the way has been uplifting for me.  There are several things that stand out to me as I approach this weekend.
1)  Jen makes it happen.  Thank you, Jen, my wife.  The behind-the-scenes support that she provides has allowed me to get here.  She is ever  caring for our family and keeping my life together while I have fun.  I often joke that “I get to play in the gym all day and she does all the hard work, but for some reason I keep getting all the credit!”  Her sacrifice and service to our family is the lynchpin to my success.
2)  I thrive on your encouragement.  Since last year I’ve had constant encouragement from you, our members.   It feels great to know that you all believe in me.  CrossFit is as mentally and emotionally challenging as it is physically demanding.  The community of support allows me to draw strength when it gets hard to keep going.  Thank you, CFM family.
3)  My training partners and coaches are incredible.  Cami and Alvin (are like me – they don’t have “real” jobs) have been with me hour after hour, day after day in the gym putting in the work and sweat.  Brian, Eddie, Jason, & Matt (et al) are also there to challenge me and coach me to be better.  I’m not surrounded by “yes” people.  This crew is honest and tough and I’m better for it.  Thanks, guys.

Tentatively, my heat schedule is as follows…
Friday, Event #1 @ 11:20 AM;      Event #2 & 3 @ 4:10 PM

Saturday, Event #4 @ 12:45 PM;      Event # 5 @ 5:00 PM

Sunday, Event # 6 @ 11:20 AM;        Event # 6 @ 3:15 PM

*Note:  My heat order may change based on re-seeding, but the schedule is a close estimate.

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