WOD: 5/30/13

Strength: 3 x ME UB KB Swing – heaviest possible

–  then  –

12 minute AMRAP of:

7 Hang Power Cleans 155/105#
14 Burpees
21 Lateral Box Jumps 20″ (touch top)


Regionals Recap Part II

I thought I woke up ready to go on Saturday, but I was unaware of the ambush I’d be walking into…

Event 4: 100’s

100 wallballs were no problem.  I broke them into sets of 25 with very short rest in between just for the sake of pacing.  I’ve done close to a hundred unbroken before, so I knew that I’d be fine.
100 Chest-2-Bar pullups was tough.  I had been expecting this part of this workout to be the single most difficult part of the weekend.  I broke it up into bite-size pieces right away – 5 at a time.  I’ve got long arms and my body weighs a lot more than my competitors, so it was expensive for me.  By the time I finished the C2B’s  I was way behind the leaders.
100 Pistols was the worst.  It was MUCH more difficult than I expected.  Looking back, it’s the thing I should have done a better job preparing for.  I thought my pistols were good enough, but I wasn’t comparing my pistols to Regionals athletes.  My strategy was to hold my foot with my hand during the movement to add some stability.  As it turns out, this “backfired” on me:  I had to round my back out so much to reach out that I lost all of my low back strength halfway through.  It took me ~10 minutes just to do 100 pistols.  Way. Too. Slow.100 DB snatches? Nope.  I only got 25 before the time cap.

I thought I was ready but I wasn’t.  I didn’t have my mental game on point.  As the workout went on and on I was unable to properly focus.  I know I could have done better if my mental approach was better, but I didn’t dwell on my mistakes.  I maintained the right attitude: I’m thankful for the opportunity to be out here.  I’m thankful for all of the people who are here to support me.  I’ll make up for it by being my absolute best from here on out.

Event 5:  21-15-9 of Deadlifts @ 315# & Box Jumps @ 30″

I’m a terrible Deadlifter.  Well, not terrible, but I’m not very good at it – especially compared to the guys around me.  I can blame it on long femurs and unfair disadvantages, but the truth is that I’ve just got to get better at it. I’m pretty good at box jumps, but so is everyone else.  This WOD was all about the deadlifts, and I had an uphill battle to fight.  Regardless, I was determined to get through this one before the time cap.
The 21’s were ok.  I was able to maintain a stable midline and break it up into 3 easy sets.  Box jumps were steady: Jump up, stand, step down, repeat.
The 15’s were brutal.  I broke it into 5 sets.  My midline started to go away.  I was trying to use my hamstrings, but they decided not to show up to the party.  The 100 pistols from 3 hours earlier had me exhausted already.  I got no-repped 3 or 4 times for bouncing the weight (I wasn’t intentionally bouncing, I was just so tired that it looked like I was).  I found a way to get through it, though.
The 9’s were all about guts.  “Lift that S.O.B.” kept going through my head.  No, my technique wasn’t good; not good at all.  No, it wasn’t fast.  BUT, I finished under the cap.  I got 33rd place in the deadlift event which I was proud of.
I’d like to note that I still maintain my official stance on deadlifting:  “There are absolutely zero long term advantages to lifts without a perfectly stable midline.  Any deviation from midline stability is not allowed.”  At Regionals, however, I chose to break that rule for a short term goal 🙂

Saturday Night was awesome.  I was way sore, but I enjoyed my time with everyone.  Morgan made a bunch of food (BTW, before I forget, Mordan took care of everyone ALL WEEKEND LONG.  Thanks for all of your help, brother) and everyone gathered at the RV camp.  It was so cool to hang out with all the CFMers playing games, laughing, and dancing.  The WODs destroyed me, but you all brought me right back up.

Thank you to everyone who was there with me.  I had a great time.  I say it all the time: We do some things well, but the BEST thing we do is community.  Our people love, accept, support, and encourage each other.  It’s an amazing bunch to be a part of.

[To be continued…]

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