WOD: 6/3/13

Strength:  7X1 2-Position Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

*Notes: Position #1 is from the floor, Position #2 (without dropping the bar) is the low-hang – approximately 2″ from the floor.


For time:

30 Push Press 115/75#
30 Over-the-Box Jumps 24/20″ (touch top)
30 Pull-ups

Regionals Recap, Part IV (random thoughts not necessarily related)

The journey > The destination

34th place in the NorCal Regionals is my final score.  33 athletes earned better scores; 8 athletes did worse.  It’s the number the world may use to judge my fitness.  It’s the number the CrossFit community will use to determine my value.  It does not, however, define me.

I went into Regionals with 2 defined, yet immeasurable goals:
1) Enjoy the moment
A year ago I let myself become overwhelmed by the stress and pressure of the competition.   I got hung up on the mistakes that I thought I’d make.  I was distraught about what scores my competitors were posting.  I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself.
This year I got my head out of the rat race and focused on the right things.  I made friends with a lot of the other athletes.  I stopped to thank my judges before and after each workout.  I enjoyed being able to be out on the field competing.

There were moments before each of my heats where I’d have 3 or 4 minutes to myself where I’d reflect and try to put things into proper perspective.

I’d take the time to pray and thank God for blessing me with this opportunity.  “There are a thousand things that are out of my control that had to go right for me to be here and they all lined up for me.”

I remember telling God, “Lord, thank you that the hardest thing I have to do today is deadlifts.”

I saw the crowd of CFMers who showed up in force with a giant face-on-a-stick to support me and I felt like a superstar.

I even came to tears once thinking about how difficult this WOD was going to be and how awesome it was that my son, Luke would be watching me.   I’d think about how one day Luke is going to have to deal with hard stuff, too.  When that time comes, maybe he’ll remember the time when his dad stood out in front of the crowd, bravely, and kept moving.  Fortunately I was wearing sunglasses so nobody could see my red, watery eyes.

It sure was  lot of fun to let myself have fun.

2) Be at my best in terms of effort and attitude

Before the 5th event on Sunday I got a text from my Brother, AJ.  “Be tough.”

What else could I do at this point?  Essentially I was faced with a choice to be tough or not.  There wasn’t anything else I could do.   Everything came down to these eventualities.

Being emotionally tough meant having a great attitude.  It meant being gracious to everyone helping and supporting me.  It meant encouraging my competitors.  It meant keeping my chin up even though I got (next t0) last place in event #5.

Being mentally tough meant pushing – hard.  It meant spending the extra hours stretching – even though it hurt and I hated it.  It meant getting these WODs done as fast as my genetic potential would possibly allow.  It meant not taking an extra breath during rest if I didn’t need it.   It meant going down and getting another rep done even though it made me feel like I was dying.

After each event I was able to face everyone with my head high.  It wasn’t that I hadn’t made mistakes, because I had.  I should have fixed my pistols.  I should have paced my muscle-ups better.  I should have rowed faster.  I did my best, though, and I was tough.


I knew that if I enjoyed the moments and had a great attitude and great effort that it would be an amazing experience.  34th place is a lot lower than I would have wanted, but 34th place doesn’t define me.  I’m most pleased with going out and making my family and friends proud.  I’m content to know that I gave it my best shot.

I’d like to offer another “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart to each and every one who helped along the way.

To me, the best part of the whole experience is when, after the last event, Jen looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m proud of you.”  My eyes welled up behind my sunglasses and I looked down at Luke.  I broke down into a mess of full tears when he yelled, “Dood Job, Daddy… BARBELLS!”

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