WOD: 6/13/13

Strength: 7X1 3-Position Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.

*Notes: Position #1 is the low-hang – approximately 2″ from the

floor. Position #2 is the traditional hang (just above the knee), and

position #3 is the hi-hang (mid-way down the thigh. All sets should be

done without dropping the bar.

–  then  –

12 minute AMRAP:
16 Barbell Step Ups (Alternating, Front Rack) 115# to 24″ / 75# to 20″
14 Pushups
12 Toes Thru Rings

*Post times.

I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve mostly figured out that CrossFit competency rests on a tri-pod.  Without a leg of the tripod, it falls.

The first leg is Strength (or more accurately, Power – see yesterday’s post for an explanation on the difference).  The ability to move large loads (whether it’s an external load like a barbell or kettlebell or your body weight is no difference – you have to be able to move large loads just the same) is the cornerstone of this sport.  Get strong and everything will become easier.  Strength is a journey – it’s a long term process.  You aren’t going to get strong in 90 days (you also aren’t going to get particularly weak in 90 days).  You have to dedicate yourself to strengthening your body.  Concerning strength, shoulders, midline, and hips are your main power generators and stabilizers.  You should be strong in these areas.  Smaller extremities like elbows, knees, ankles, fingers, etc (and the muscles connected to them) are not really much of a concern when it comes to being strong.  You won’t fail an objective because you didn’t do enough bicep curls, it’ll be because your back isn’t strong enough – trust me.  Get strong.

The second leg is conditioning.  You have to be able to sustain movement.  More importantly, you have to be able to sustain fast, powerful movement.  This requires mobilizing oxygen and fuel to your body in your aerobic AND anaerobic pathways.  The good news is that conditioning is (relatively) easy.  All you have to do is embrace the suck during the WODs and go as hard as you can.  Run faster, burpee faster, row faster, take shorter breaks between your pullups (which would be a combination of conditioning and, guess what?  Strength! see above), etc.  You can mostly develop a decent base for conditioning in a short amount of time.  90 days IS long enough to develop some conditioning capacity if you’re committed working hard at it.

Technical Proficiency is the third leg.  It is the most vague of the three because it is so broad and it overlaps to the others so much.  It is also the most difficult to achieve.   It means having practiced and developed competency in whatever movement you are performing.  It also means having the physical capabilities and mobility to accomplish that movement.    Some of us (either by bad design or by personal neglect and non-maintenance) have tight joints and muscles that prevent you from becoming technically proficient.  We can’t get into the proper biomechanical positions to support overhead squats, front racks, running positions, etc.  Most of the time it’s not your fault, BUT it is a challenge you must accept if you want to get better at CrossFit.  You MUST mobilize those parts of your body that are holding you back (BTW, >50% of the men at CFM have hamstrings that are WAY too tight).  Get your shoulders and hips loosened up and you will be able to squat more – guaranteed.  Pay attention to the coaching cues that you get in your classes. 

That was just me rambling, but here’s the short version:  Get strong, go hard, and learn the techniques.

8 thoughts on “WOD: 6/13/13

  1. Martha- 4+ 165 (35)
    Nichelle- 3+45 SU (45)
    Bea- 2+10 Su (35)
    Riley- 3+15 Su (25)
    Melanie- 3 (55)
    Chris P- 4+1 Su (35)
    Christina- 3 (45)
    Rosa- 2+14 Su (55)
    Amy- 4+ 4 Su
    Nick- 4+9 T
    Wendell- 3+ 1 Su (55)
    Mike- 2+3 P (65)
    Andrew- 2+2 P (45)
    Jeff- 4+4 Su (75)
    Pete- 3+1 Su Rx
    Faust- 3 (95)
    Harley- 3+6 Su Rx
    Cuttone- 3 (75)
    Jaden- 4 (95)

    Danalynn-4+ 4 Su (65/ 15″/ V ups)
    Holly- 3 (55)
    Morgan M- 3 Rx
    Jolie C- 3+2 T2R (55)
    Janeen- 4 (15/ 15″ V ups)
    Yoshimi- 3+ 5 Su (75/18″)
    Tony S- 3 +5 T2R (75)
    Leslie- 2+8 T2R 935)
    Kevin P- 4+12 Su (95/18″)

    Becky D- 3+ 7 T2R
    Bondi- 4 (Subs)
    Jake G- 3+7 Su (15/15″)
    Michelle G- 3+7 Su (55)
    Goodwin- 4 (75)
    Nick Q-2+4 Pu Rx
    Demaris- 3+10 Su Rx
    Lynae- 2+14 Pu (55)
    Michelle M- 2+ 13 Pu (35)
    Steph B- 3+9 Su (55/ 15″)
    Kelli M- 3+12 Su (35/ 15″/ V)
    Joey P-2+5 T2R Rx
    Jay 3+6 Su Rx
    Heather 2+3 Su (35)
    Jen Dj-3 (65)
    Emily B- 2+ 11 BB(55)

    Nic S- 3+14 Pu Rx
    Sue S- 3+5 Su (35/12″)
    Juan L- Birthday WOD
    Steph S- 3 (55/ 15″)
    Jason A- 3+10 Su Rx
    Rodd P- 2+ 16 Su (75)
    Alexa- L- 3+ 5 Pu Rx
    Chou- 3+12 Su (95)
    Merideth- 3+9 T2R Rx
    Lili- 3 (45/15″)
    Erin F- 3+16 Su (55)
    Scott D- 3+3 Su Rx

    Ron E- 3+10 Su (75)
    Mabry- 2+2 Pu (75/15″)
    Luis- 3+1 Su (95)
    Valdez- 3 (95)
    Cameron- 3+5 Su Rx

    Rick- 4+5 Su (75)
    Amanda- 2+13 Pu (55)
    Vanessa L- 4+2 Su (35/ V Ups)
    Josh- 3 (95)
    Jim B- 2+11 Su Rx
    Ana- 3+1 Su (35/ V ups)
    Renee- 2 Rx

    Magana- 3+4 T2R (65)
    Vangss G-3+2 Su (60)
    Ralph- 1+6 T2R (subs)
    Camillo- 3+12 Su (55)
    Amy- 3+2 T2R (15″/ 35)
    Luis G- 3+4 T2R (35)
    Nic R- 2+15 T2R Rx

    Walter-8:26 (65)
    Tony- 85 (75)
    Thomas- 9:10 (75)
    Kelli- 8:43 (25)

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