WOD: 6/14/13

Skill Deficiency Work:  The majority of the class will be dedicated to practicing the skills that you have not yet mastered.  What you practice is up to you, but you are encouraged to work on gymnastics and bodyweight movements that give you trouble.  You can pick your area of focus, but we will have a practice structure for you.

–  then  –

30 Clean & Jerks for time (135/95)

*Post times.  Compare to 11/5/12.

Technique > Load > Time

“Grace” one of the classic CrossFit workouts.  It is a beautiful workout when done properly, but it can be an ugly mess when done poorly.  The main focus in today’s workout is going to be good movement.   We want you to do 30 great Clean & Jerks.  We want you moving in a way that is safe, powerful and efficient.  We do not want you to compromise good mechanics because your body and/or mind is too tired to move properly.   Let’s go!

13 thoughts on “WOD: 6/14/13

  1. Patrick- 7:36 Rx
    Pete W-3:42 (6:16 Rx)
    Martha-3:53 (5:46 [60])
    Kristy- 4:40 (45)
    Steph B- 6:29 (70)
    Joe A- 4:39 Rx
    Kim- 5:04 (65)
    Wendell- 3:55 (65)
    Melanie- 5:47 (7:53 [85])
    Chris P- 5:15 (65)
    Faust- WJ
    Jannith- 3:58 (45)
    Rosa- 4:46 (35)
    Cristina- 5:30 (45)
    Harley- 2:53 (3:35 Rx)
    Cuttone- 2:59 (3:51 Rx)

    Julie C- 3:42 [28] (3:55 Rx)
    Jeremy F- 3:21 Rx (4:36 Rx)
    Demaris- 3:38 [26] (4:30 Rx)
    Desiree- 4:20 [65] (4:48 [65])
    Dominique-4:49 (75)
    Christine- 5:00 (45)
    Yoshimi- 6:37 Rx (4:52 [115])
    Jason F- 5:29 (45)
    Franky C- 6:49 (95)

    Jen Dj- 7:07 Rx
    Nick Q- 4:02 Rx
    Chuy- 5:46 (95)
    Michelle m- 3:59 (55)
    Merci- 4:28 (75) (3:45 [65])
    Bridget- 4:13 (45)
    Kelli- 5:03 (45)
    Marcos- 7:27 (115) (6:26 [95])
    Alexa- 2:51 Rx
    Steph S- 5:28 (75) (5:19)

    Jason A- 2:33 Rx
    Tony S- 3:27 (95)
    Brian M-3:25 (95)
    Nick F- WJ WOD
    Chou- 4:35 Rx
    Nic S- 5:52 Rx
    Liza- 4:42 (55)
    Amy P- 3:51 (55)
    Scott D- 4:38 Rx
    Merideth- 4:29 Rx
    Michelle G- 6:17 Rx
    Jake H- 6:39 (25)

    Valdez- 5:08 Rx
    Juan L- 4:23 Rx
    Emily B- 3:50 (75) (4:26 [55])
    Genaye L- 5:41 Rx
    Trost- 2:59 Rx

    Mike L- 3:29 Rx
    Jason D- 2:56 Rx
    Camilo- 6:04 (95)
    Danalynn- 4:33 Rx
    Jim- 4:48 Rx
    Hilary- 8:14 (85)
    Ralph- 4:08 Rx
    Vanessa G- 9:17 Rx
    Vanessa L- 2:41 (65)
    Andrea A- 4:30 (55)
    Bren H- 2:53 Rx
    Leslie M- 3:38 (45)
    Kwyn- 6:33 (45)
    Justin L- 3:35 Rx

    Cami – 3:13 Rx
    Demaris – 3:28 Rx
    Mitch – 3:11 Rx

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