WOD: 6/26/13

Strength:  Deadlift
2×1 @ 80%,  2×1 @ 85%, 2×1 @ 90%, 1×1 @ 95%

–  then  –

For time:

15 Lateral Burpee Over Bar
15 Power Cleans 135/85#
15 Lateral Burpee Over Bar
15 Front Squats 135/85#
15 Lateral Burpee Over Bar
15 Push Jerks 135/85#
15 Lateral Burpee Over Bar

*Post times.

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7 thoughts on “WOD: 6/26/13

  1. Jake 13:23 (25/box)
    Cuitone 12:29 Rx
    Michelle 9:29 (55)
    Mike 13:48 (105)
    Jannita 11:17 (45)
    Martha 7:58 (55)
    Tony 12:22 (95)
    Andrew 13:41 (105)
    Carson 11:35 Rx
    Joe 11:40 Rx
    Web 15:57 Rx
    Amy 9:24 (55)
    Wendell 12:54 (65)
    Christina 12:37 (65)
    Harley 9:50 Rx
    Raquel 11:58 (65)
    Vanessa 10:03 (65)
    Lugiana 13:39 (sub psh)
    Don 9:44 Rx
    Pete 10:50 Rx
    Faust Subs
    Jayden 14:36 Rx
    Chris P- 12:24 (65)

    Merideth 9:05 Rx
    Kelli M 13:03 (45)
    Kristi 11:59 (45)
    Jeremy F 9:05 Rx
    Christine I- 14:22 (45)
    Pao 23:35 (115)
    Jay S 9:56 Rx
    Heather S 15:25 (65)

    Nick Q 12:06 Rx
    Trost 7:50 Rx
    Dom Z 12:04 Rx
    Des Z 11:45 (65)
    Demaris Z 10:00 Rx
    Nick R 15:24 Rx
    Danalynn 27:29 Rx
    Jen DJ 13:46 Rx
    Camilo 11:50 (95)
    Billy A 13:09 Rx
    Holly A 9:52 (65)
    Bridget M 11:52) 35
    Chuy 19:42 (75)
    Julie C 9:07 Rx
    Lauren C 12:22 Rx

    Yoshimi 10:40 ( 115)
    Andrea 14:26 (65)
    Joey 10:35 Rx
    Ron E 12:03 (115)
    Erin F 11:56 Rx
    Sue 14:55 (60)
    Yolanda 14:02 (65)
    Mike M 14:43 (95)
    Steph S 14:09 (75)
    Chou 11:42 (115)
    Hilary 15:46 (75/35ps)
    Jim B 12:16 Rx

    Luis S 14:42 Rx
    Valdez Birthday WOD
    Juan L 10:11 Rx
    Cameron 10:04 Rx
    Kwyn M 14:41 (55)
    Luis L 15:24 (95)
    Michelle Gr 10:55 Rx
    Leslie M 12:33 (55)
    Amy P Birthday Wod

    Bren 10:36 Rx
    Rick 11:02 Rx
    Jason D 9:29 Rx
    Genaye 12:13 Rx
    Mike C 12:23 Rx
    Alec 13:11 Rx

    Amber 14:27 (55)
    Merci 11:50 (65)
    Vanessa G 10:16 (75)
    Wis G 10:22 (subs)
    Cici 10:56 (55)

    Day 3
    Corey- 9:42 (75)
    Imani- 14:04 (75)

    Day 1
    Matt M- 8:30 (g)
    Teddy- 6:55 (red )

    Day 4
    Kelli- 5 (25 box/26/green)

    Day 3
    Searah A- 8:43 (35)

  2. kevin you look real good,im very proud,im even starting my own training blog but im using it in 20 weeks,thanks for the inoosratipn,ismething i have noticed is that your shoulders could use a good few more hard hitting work-outs.thanks kevin,

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  7. mudah2an negaro kito tuk terus aman makmur untuk anak cucuk kito kelok esok jon…ndak piyo eh jon…jangan bergadoh…macam biaso ajak bah…hehehe..kesian dengan anak anak kito jon…macam ni ndak kelak kah masa depan sidak yo…eeee..yak ati aku ngenang…jon

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