WOD: 7/15/13

First, I want to say that the CFM coaches were incredibly pleased with our testing week.  I think we set some kind of record in setting personal records.  You did a great job pushing your limits.  Most of you showed quantitative improvement in your lifts and conditioning.  Others of you showed qualitative improvement in your technique and mechanics.  Great job.

Today begins a new cycle.  We will start by building from the ground up:  The squat.  We’re starting with a 3-week cycle that will be much more focused on the High Bar Back Squat. We will be doing HBBS 4 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  (Dont worry if you can’t make it on Saturday mornings.  3 days/week is still going to allow you to make great improvement, but yes, if you can make it on Saturday, then we prefer that you come squat with us.)  The cycle is named SMOLOV Jr.

Every one of us will improve with this short cycle.  If done correctly, it will certainly make you stronger, but, more importantly, it will be a high volume of repetitions designed to make your technique better and more consistent.  It will groove proper movement patterns into your mechanics, which is why our primary goal – much more than load – is excellent technique.  Please understand that if we ask you to remove weight from your bar it is with your best interest in mind.  Good lifters will become strong, but poor lifting impedes progress.  Some of you will be asked to go back to a place where the bar is light enough for you to move your body in better transitional positions.

These next few weeks will be tough on squat days, and we’ll be pressed for time.  In order to fit everything into a class, our warmups will be a bit shorter.  In lieu of long full-class warmups, we ask that you take the challenge upon yourselves and do a great job with warmups before class starts.  Also, mobility work is going to be very important to minimize soreness and promote good movement, so be sure to have your quads and hips mobilized before class (couch stretch is probably the best thing you can do when you show up – ask a coach if you don’t know it).

It’s important to realize that this cycle is short – and “back squats every other day” is not a long term plan.  But, if you bear with us as we build this foundation, it will reap great benefits.  It’s actually quite simple: We spend some time getting stronger, then come back to the lifts and conditioning with a better foundation.

Strength:  High Bar Back Squat:
6 x 6 at 70% of 1 RM
Notes:  As always, unless instructed by a coach, do not deviate from from the percentages.  It is not OK to disregard percentages if you’re feeling stronger or weaker than normal.  Trust the plan.  Also, use 70% of your highest 1RM, even if you did not hit a PR in the last cycle.

–  then  –

“Russian KB Challenge”
100 KB Snatch (53/35) for time.

*Post times.  Strict 5 Minute hard cap.  Scaling to KB Swings is optional if you have not yet developed good KB snatch technique.

P.S. The only aspect of Test Week that we weren’t pleased about was the attendance.  In order to improve (and track improvement) you must show up.  You must. Please try your best to get here.

2 thoughts on “WOD: 7/15/13

  1. Pete W- 3:37 Rx
    Erin S- 73 Rx
    Erin F- 4:55 Rx
    Jay S- 4 :21 Rx
    Andrew A- 81 (35/swings)
    Tony G- 75 Rx
    Mike B- 81 (swings)
    Cristina- 4:28 (26/Swings)
    Chris P- 91 (swings)
    Wendell H- 4:28 (26/Swings)
    Amy S- 4:24 (26/Swings)
    Becky D- 3:41 Rx
    Martha S- 93 (swings)
    Luciana J- 4:12 (Swings)
    Mike L- 98 Rx
    Jamie H- 65 (Rx 44)
    C Cuttone- 76 Rx
    Rosa S- 93 (26/Swings)
    Michelle G- 4:45 (Swings)
    Kim C.M.- 84 (Swings)
    Faust G- 4:50 (Swings)
    Melanie C- 99 (Swings)
    Jalen- 4:33 Rx

    Christine I- 72 (26/Swings)
    Yoshimi- 61 Rx
    Trost- 92 Rx
    Lori G- 4:26 Rx
    Merideth H- 93 Rx
    Jannita S- 4:38 (Swings)
    Heather S- 71 (Swings)

    Hannah B- 82 (26)
    Rick M- 97 Rx
    Danalynn R- 93 (Swings)
    Kelli M- 70 (Half 26/18)
    Walt W- 80 (35/Swings)
    Jason J- 69 Rx
    Goodwin- 71 Rx
    Steph B- 76 (Swings)
    Jeremy F- 4:24 Rx
    Desiree Z- 70 (26)

    Sue S- 72 (Swings)
    Luis S- 71 Rx
    Cruz J- 87 Rx
    Liza F- 78 (26/Swings)
    Scott D- 81 Rx
    Billy A- 83 (44)
    Alex A- 86 Rx
    Joey P- 4:18 Rx
    Amanda G- 80 (Swings)
    Ashley S- 69 (Swings)
    Tony S- 68 Rx
    Hilary B- 4:13 (26)
    Jessica M- 87 (26/15)
    Lili V- 90 (Swings)

    Ron E- 4:52 (44)
    Camilo- 86 (44/Swings)
    Steve H- 4:44 (35)
    Emily B- 4:25 (35)
    Pat M- 4:43 Rx
    Nic S- 98 Rx
    Leslie M- 100 (26/Swings)
    Gus S- 4:27 Rx
    Ashley L- 93 (26/Swings)
    Andrea C- 71 (26/ Swings)
    Luis L- 81 (44)
    Michelle G- 3:55 (26)
    Riley G- 3:53 (13)
    Jake G- 4:59 (13)

    Mike P- 4:39 Rx
    Cameron B- 90 Rx
    Kwyn- 89 (26/Swing)
    Dan B- 4:43 Rx
    Lix G- 86 (26/Swings)
    Veronica T- 3:46 (26/Swings)
    Nick F- 80 Rx
    Thomas O- 3:46 (35/Swings)
    Valdez- 74 Rx

    Andrea A- 4:41 (Swings)
    Harley H- 3:58 Rx
    Jesse- 4:19 (35)
    Dodie- 99 (35/Swings)
    Andrew P- 5:00 (35)
    Alyssa M- 83 (26/Swings)
    John V- 4:44 (35)
    Merci- 4:58 (Swings)
    Jason A- 3:47 Rx
    Mabry- 61 Rx
    Vansessa G- 4:24 (26)
    Luis G- 4:38 (35)
    Amber S- 4:56 (26/Swings)
    Adriana- 97 (Swings)
    Bridget M- 72 (26/Swings)
    Nikki B- 4:56 (26/Swings)

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