WOD: 7/16/13

Strength:  Smolov Week 1 Day 2
High Bar Back Squat – 7 x 5 @ 75%

–  then  –


EMOM for 10 minutes:
8 hang power snatch, 95/65
8 jumping lunges (body weight)

*For every rep not completed perform 1 burpee pull-up when the clock hits 10:00

Announcement:  Afternoon classes will be cancelled on Friday, July 26 while we are at the CrossFit Games.  You will be able to watch the games live on the internet, so none of you would probably show up anyway.  Yes, all of the morning classes will be open (5:30, 6:30, 8:00, & 9:00 AM)

Yes, I told you all that we’d be squatting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday.  We would keep to that plan, except that this Wednesday (tomorrow) is a special memorial WOD that will require the whole hour of class.  It’s ok, though.  This week we will squat on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday, and next week will be back to the M, W, F, S format. (P.S. Get in early to get your quads & hips stretched out on your own using the mobility work we did today)

Lots of you have been asking about Oly lifting shoes…
I love Oly shoes.  The way I see it, if you’re sure you’re going to keep doing CrossFit, then I think you should get some.  No, you don’t HAVE to get oly shoes.  I know some athletes that are super fit without ever wearing them.  However, I’ve never met anyone who isn’t glad they bought themselves a pair.  Yes, they’re expensive – if they can’t fit into your budget it’s ok – keep crushing wods in your regular shoes, but if you can swing the extra $90 – $200 then you won’t be sorry.  Besides, the first pair of Oly shoes you buy will mostlikely be your last.  They don’t wear out.  Mine are about 6 years old and they’ll probably last another 6 years and I wear them EVERY DAY.

Here’s some articles about the benefits of Oly Shoes written by people that are smarter than me:
Lift Big Eat Big: You need Olympic Weightlifting Shoes
CrossFit Virtuosity: Weightlifting Shoes
Tabata Times: Why Olympic Weightlifting Shoes Matter

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