WOD: 7/17/13

Strength:  EMOM (5 mins) 2 Power Cleans (Touch-n-Go) + 1 Jerk (@ 80% 1RM target)

–  then  –

Conditioning:  “House”


7 RFT of:
3 Deadlifts (315/225)
6 Box Jumps (30″/24″)
9 Burpees
200M Run

Last year, on July 17, 2012, we lost our good friend Gabe Houser.  This year, on July 17, we’re going to honor Gabe’s memory with our second annual “House” WOD.

If you’re new(ish) to CFM, you might not have had the privilege of knowing Gabe but we certainly hope you’ve had a moment or three to ring The House Bell.  Yep.  That bell is inscribed with his name and that’s why we want you to ring that bell with ENTHUSIASM – when you PR you’re not calling attention to yourself, you’re not being a diva, you’re celebrating all the hard work that got you to that moment and Gabe would damn sure want you to ring that bell in celebration.  You can read more at the link above but – RING – THAT – BELL.

Looking back on “House” a year later we realize it’s a landmark.  It’s a totem of where our tribe was a year ago.  Today we rarely do heavy deadlifts for multiple reps in a WOD nor are we huge fans of high rep box jumps – but we used to be.

In that way “House” couldn’t be more perfect.   It might be somewhat anachronistic but it’s also a bit of our lineage as a community – and that’s precisely the point of a Hero WOD – it’s to remember the person in whose honor you’re sweating and bleeding and striving and never quitting.

Maybe you didn’t know Gabe but you probably know someone like him.  As a community I believe we’re blessed to have a few “Gabes” as part of us.  In my mind to “be a Gabe” (in the CF sense) is to be that person who might never “win” a WOD but wouldn’t – for even one second – let that dampen their drive to be better tomorrow than they are today and, even more importantly, never loses their belief that we can ALL be better if we’re in this thing together.

On July 17, 2013, we’re all in this together.  We’re not going to “keep score.”  We’re not going to record your loads.  We just ask that you give everything you’ve got, be an individual of integrity and take a moment at some point in your day to appreciate this community and those people who support you in your journey.

Gabe always supported his friends and his family (most notably his wife Dora and his daughter he never had a chance to meet Ema) and we miss him no less today than ever before.

We love you Gabe.

11 thoughts on “WOD: 7/17/13

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  1. I’m grateful to have had the chance to WOD with Gabe for a few months. I still picture his bike parked in front of the double doors at 5:30 am as we ran by. He was an awesome guy with an amazing beard and an even more amazing attitude. You are greatly missed my friend!!!

  2. 31:02 at 295lbs (30lbs more than last year)(4:34+ last years time)

    Rest in peace House.

    This WOD is bitter sweet for me. Last year I happened to be at CFM and particpated in this WOD at the 0500 class. It was a bit more difficult for me , emotionally, as later that very same day we held the memorial for my mother. She passed just several days before after battling stage 4 breast cancer.
    I never met House in my time there at CFM, but it sounds like he was a good dude and I am sure he and I would have gotten along famously. Rest easy brother…

    CFM Chris

  3. I, like nick only really knew of Gabe as I had only recently joined the CFM family. What I did know through observation was that he had always had a friendly smile (behind that manly beard), drive to finish every WOD regardless of cap and miles and miles of heart. I regret that I didn’t take more advantage of the opportunities I did have to get to know him better. As I listen to those that knew him best I am finding that I likely missed out on a true gem of a man.

  4. Great post Brian!
    Nobody I know would be willing to play Hooverball, do pull-ups, and lifts all while sporting a cast on one hand. Gabe was one-of-a-kind in that way. He was a low-key, but powerful motivator, who would make us all to work harder and be better.

    We miss you, Gabe.

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