WOD: 8/14/13


Establish a 3RM touch and go Power Clean

Compare to 11/15/12.



4 Rounds for quality (not for time)

a) ME supinated pull-ups

1b) 5 Push press

1c) 10 Good mornings



Tabata situps

Want to get better at CrossFit?  It’s a serious question.  To be honest, some people don’t care much about getting better as long as they feel like they’re getting sweaty and having fun.  That’s OK, too.  We’re here for you and if you just like being around and hanging with your friends then we’re glad you’re here.

It’s easy when you start.  All you have to do is show up – pay attention during the technique work and go hard during the WOD.  Your body quickly starts to adapt to the stressors of CrossFit.  You improve by leaps and bounds in both your strength and your conditioning.  If you continued to improve at this rate you’d soon be challenging Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir for their titles.

Later, it becomes difficult to improve.  Things start happening; things that you didn’t expect.  Now your knee (or shoulder, or wrist, or [insert immobile part here]) start to give you a little pain because you’ve neglected mobility work.  You didn’t hit all your PRs during the last test cycle.  Maybe you got busier at home or work and you can only come twice a week.  I’ll be honest. It can be downright discouraging.  We call it Faiure To Thrive.

Failure To Thrive can be avoided.

In the next week (ish) I’ll be touching on some of the things that we should be doing – the things that are necessary to get better.

First thing is first – you MUST address your mobility issues:

How are your shoulders?  How are your hips? Start there and work your way outward.  Can you open up your shoulders and stabilize an overhead squat? Can you hang out at the bottom of your squat for several minutes?  You should be able to.  If you can’t, you’re not going to get much better at CrossFit until you improve it.

From there, you have to find the spots where you have impingements.  Is it a knee, achilles tendon, or wrist?  Work it.  Is it your Front Rack position? (Men: 90% of you have a super crappy rack position.  Women: 40% of you need work too)  Work it.

For me, my biggest mobility problem is my posterior chain flexibility.  I have super tight hammies. I’ll fix it, but it’s LONG overdue and I could have saved myself lots of frustration if I got ahead of it like I should have.

Don’t put it off.  Figure out how to do basic maintenance on yourself so you can move the way God designed you to move AND be pain free.  Check out mobilitywod.com or use a google search (I’m using this one) to find what you’re looking for.   You can also ask one of the coaches to show you something like this.

Let’s do it.

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