WOD: 9/3/14


1a) 3 x 20 Walking Lunges w/Barbell in Front Rack
1b) 3 x 75 ft Sled drag


1) 5 Minutes to do 50 burpees, Then

2) 5 Minute AMRAP of:
10 Burpees
10 Pull-ups
10 Thrusters (95/65)

Yes, we all hate burpees.  Odd are, though, that a burpee is the very last thing you’ll wish you can do before you die.  I know, that’s a bit of a morbid thought, but think about it:  Whether you’re old and weak, or you’ve just been in an accident, or there’s some other reason you’re laying there about to float to the white light – you’re probably going to simply wish that you could GET UP.  So that’s what we’re going to do today.  Burpees.  Lots of em.  It’s a celebration of our ability to launch up from the ground, stand tall, jump and clap and say “I’m up.  I’m going to keep getting up.  Today is not the day that I stay down.”   

Also, We feel like now is an appropriate time to let you all in our our plans for our coaching staff going forward.  Myself, Jen, Matt, Demaris, Merissa, and Clow will all continue to coach all of of our classes.  We’ve been fine tuning our styles and cues together so that we’re all on the same page with all of our athletes.  We feel it’s important to be consistent throughout the day, week, month, or year – and our goal is to be consistently great.

In addition, we’d like to welcome Harley Hermosillo, Patrick McGowen, Alexa Lawler, and Jeff & Melanie Cole to our CFM Leadership team.   This group has been a part of CFM since the beginning, and are cornerstones in our community.  On top of that, they’ve embodied the CFM lifestyle of focused discipline and effort.  They have bought in to our core value of service – and have committed to help serve athletes at CFM.  Though they are not official coaches, they are here to help you – so ask them questions, give them suggestions, and listen up when they show you how to stabilize your midline.  We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new direction we’re heading.

6 thoughts on “WOD: 9/3/14

  1. Burpees also come in handy if you eat it off your horse and want no one to notice it was an unplanned dismount. #dontask #imeanttodothat #burpeehorseworkout

  2. 5:30 AM

    Cuttone- 1+10 PU Rx
    Keith A.-1+10 PU Rx
    Harley-2+6 B Rx
    Jeff C.-2+10 B Rx
    Bea-1+5 B (RR)
    Morgan M.-2+5 B Rx
    Curtis G.-1+3 PU Rx
    Greg H.-1+10 PU (75)
    Javier V.-(=
    Phil M.-1 rd (65/G)
    Amy S.-1+5 (65/G)
    Luis L.-1+5 B Rx
    Justus P.-1+3T Rx
    Chad E.-2+3 B Rx
    Paul J.-1+5 PU
    Holly A.-2+5 B Rx
    Trosty- 2+5 PU Rx
    Chris P.-1+1 T (55)
    Tony G.-2+1 T Rx
    Wendell-1+1 T (75)

    6:30 AM

    Tammy Vz

    8:00 AM

    Krista V.-1+2 PU (55)
    Carlos-1+1 PU Rx
    Joey P.-1+5 PU Rx
    Christine- BABY BUMP!
    Junior-1+2 B (blue)
    Alyssa .-1+1 T (35)
    Eddie C.-1+3 T Rx
    Desiree 1+9 B Rx
    Luciana- 1+5 T (50/blk)

    9:00 AM

    Nick Q.-2+10 PU Rx
    Jen DJ-1+3 PU (45)
    Julie C.-1+10 PU Rx
    Sid A.-2 rds (55/G)
    Danalynn-1+7 B (RR)
    Lili V.-1+10 PU (blue)
    Charlene-1+10 B (55/RR)
    Jess-1+8 T (55/RR)

    3:30 PM

    Sue S.-1+5 B Rx
    Rocco-1+5 PU (25/RR)
    Pete W.-2+4 B Rx
    Amanda G.-1+6 B (5 pull ups)
    Sarah A,-1+1 T Rx
    Dan V.-1+5 T Rx
    Gilbert-1+10 B (65)
    Cruz J.-1+4 PU (75)
    Jeremy F.-1+10 B Rx
    Tara J.-1+3 PU Rx

    4:30 PM

    Amy P.-1+2 T Rx
    Amber-1+5 T (RR/55)
    Yessenia-1+6 PU (5burp/B&P)
    Amis-2+5 T Rx
    Jim-1+3T Rx
    Liv-1 rd (P/35)
    Adriana-2+5 (55/RR)
    Dina-2+5 B (RR)

    530 PM

    Vanesa L.-2+4 B Rx
    Nadine-1+7 PU Rx
    Faust-1+1 B (B)
    Gabby B.-1+10 PU (55)
    Tony A.-1+10 PU Rx
    Raquel-1+3 PU Rx
    Cassey-1+10 B (45)
    Gerard-1+4 T Rx
    Kristen-1+8 PU (55)
    Merideth-2+9 B Rx

    6:30 PM

    John V.-1+8 B (65)
    Alex DJ-1+1 PU Rx
    Sam G,-1+3 T Rx
    Belinda-1+6 PU Rx
    Kris-1+4 PU (65/blue)

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