WOD: 10/15/14

6X2 Pause Clean – 3 Count Pause at knee – 

For time:
Run 800m
30 Perfect Pushups [Advanced: Strict HSPU]
30 Jumping Back Squats 45/35#
Run 400m
30 Jumping Back Squats 45/35#
30 Perfect Pushups [Advanced: Strict HSPU]
Run 800m

Additional Strength/Skill – Optional
1b) 4X60 second ME Strict TTB
1b) 4X3 Clean Grip Behind the Neck Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 2:00

2 days into the Primal Challenge… I hope everyone is excited.  There are going to be times when you’re going to want to give in to temptation and eat or drink something you shouldn’t – STAY THE COURSE.   This is the time for you to stay committed.  At the end of these 6 weeks you’ll be able to get a better idea of what it takes to stay healthy for a lifetime.  Don’t give up; don’t give in.  If you feel like eating a burger or a snicker bar – grab some almonds and know that you’re doing the right thing.  The rewards come with discipline and consistency.  We’re in this together.

1) Next Tuesday, October 21 we will be running (and/or walking) 5k for the daily WOD.  We will not be opening the doors at CFM.  Instead, meet us during all of the regularly scheduled classes at the corner of Bear Creek and McKee Ave.   This is a benchmark WOD that we will try to test every Spring and Fall.  We offer our apologies to the early and late classes that it will be dark, so bring a flash light and stick with a buddy.  We hope to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of you there to run or walk together.  Don’t be intimidated by the workout – we’ll help you get through it.

2) Our next Bring-A-Friend Team WOD will be on Saturday, November 1 at 10:00 AM.  Make sure to bring your friends if they missed out last time.

2 thoughts on “WOD: 10/15/14

  1. I made cauliflower pizza (“Paleo primer” cookbook) for my family today. Very interesting, pretty good. We will be making it again.

  2. 5:30AM
    Holly A. 17:14 Rx
    Erin F. 17:31 (15 push)
    Javier V. 17:07 Rx
    Dan V. 17:40
    Cuttone 16:35 Rx
    Melanie 18:01 (Bike)
    Sam C. 18:46
    Wendell H. 17:50 (25s)
    Eric C. 15:55 Rx
    Lou S. 17:43 Rx
    Luis L. 19:11
    Phil M. 11:45(35) –PC
    Beatice Z. 18:10 (Bike)
    Dallas G.
    Chris H.
    Krist V.
    Jason M.
    Leslie M. 13:01(26) PC
    Valerie E.
    Tammy VZ
    Tami L
    Jennifer E.
    Katie Mac 12:01 (26) PC
    Logan B. 9:13(44)PC
    Ana B.
    Charissa B.
    Susan A.
    Carlos Z. 16:27Rx
    Morgan M. 16:40 Rx
    Luciana J. 17:34(15push)
    Jeremey F. 21:32 Rx +
    Chad E. 13:43 Rx
    Sid A. 18:37*
    Julie C. 16:20 Rx
    Harley H. 5K Row 19:32
    Desiree Z. 20:37*
    Nicole S. 16:20*
    Charlene S. 24:10* (ROM)
    Serena O. 14:16(26) PC
    Josh S. 10:49Rx
    Scott D. 22:41 Rx+
    Sue 23:52 Rx
    Tony 15:38 Rx
    Merci 23:23*
    Rocco 20:15(15*)
    Justus – Needs to come more
    Missy 23:58*
    Vanessa L. 15:47
    Veronica 20:55 Rx
    Merideth 14:09 Rx
    Amber S. 18:58 Rx
    Lilly 19:10 Rx
    Brian 10:51 Rx
    Olivia 24:48*
    Case 16:18Rx
    Ron E. 15:32 Rx
    John S. 13:15 Rx
    Edwardo 19:37*
    Clow 15:41 Rx
    Amy 8:48 Rx PC
    Jay 16:39 Rx
    Gilbert 17:33 Rx
    Alicia 16:06 Rx
    Curtis 14:54 Rx
    Nadine 18:06 Rx
    Dina 15:20*
    Trost Rx++
    Gerard 17:32 Rx
    April 9:45 (MOD)
    Sam 14:55 Rx
    Belinda 17:28 Rx
    Dodie 17:07*
    Yessenia 17:07*
    Edgar 12:33 Rx
    Amanda 18:38*
    Vanessa 12:38(MOD)
    Omar 14:25

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