11/26/14, Thanksgiving Dinner IV

A 10-Course Meal, CFM Style…

30 minute AMRAP:

10 Pull-ups
10 (Abmat) Sit-ups
10 (Hand Release) Push-ups
10 Box Jumps (24″/20″) (step down)
10 Air Squats
10 KB Swings (53/35)
10 Hip Extensions
10 Double-Unders
10 Burpees
200M Run

Compare to 11/27/1311/21/12 and 11/23/11.

Congratulations to Merci Cuttone and Javier Velez for winning the Primal Challenge!  Both made significant improvements in every facet of the challenge, including inches and BF%, but their most drastic improvement came in performance. Both will get a month of free membership! We hope you keep it up.  We’ll follow your lead.

Schedule reminders:
All regular classes remain scheduled for today (Wednesday).
We’ll have an open gym session both Tomorrow (Thusday, Thanksgiving Day) and Friday from 8:30 to 10:30 AM.  We’ll have suggestions for you, or you can make up something that you think you’d enjoy.  We’re also trying to get CFM open on Friday Afternoon.  Stay tuned to our facebook page for updates.
Saturday will be regular scheduled classes.

6 thoughts on “11/26/14, Thanksgiving Dinner IV

  1. Mike B. 4+100m
    Erin F. 4+7 Burpees (5 push)
    Beatrice 4
    Sam C. 5
    Melanie C. 3+10KB
    Richie M. 3+10Box
    Andrew A. 4+1 DU
    James B. 4+10Hip
    Javier 3+10 Burpees
    Lou S. 4+10Box
    Steve B. 3+10Box
    Eric C. 4+10Hip
    Nadine 4+190M
    Harley 6+3 Box
    Day 1
    Bri A. 7:26(box/RR)
    Day 2
    Robert D. 12:00(75/box)
    Day 3
    Regan 12:55(35/45)
    Valrie E. 4+10DL
    Jennifer E 5
    Chris H. 4
    Tammy VZ 4+3SU
    Anna B. 4+4W
    Kristi V. 5
    Susan H 4+10AS
    Luciana 4+5B
    Julie C. 5+6 pull
    Lauren C. 4+7 pull
    John S. 5
    Carlos Z. 4+10KB
    Eddie C. 7
    Chris C. 5+10KB
    Jeremy F. 6+10HE
    Luis L. 4+1Pull
    Goodwin 5+6 pull
    Morgan M. 4+7 burpee
    Shara 5+10s(rr/ROM push)
    Adriana G. 5+10 push
    Holly A. 5+5 pull
    Sid A. 4+150m
    Lili V. 4+10 push
    Jason C.
    Jen DJ 4
    Janelle S. 4+10kb
    Demaris Z. 5 (53)
    Andrew P. 5+10DU
    Anthony Dj 7+9BOX
    Gus S. 6+5 Squats
    Sue 4+4burpee(rr)
    Ron 5
    Matt D. 6+2pull up
    Alexa 6+4 push up
    Bondi 7+1 Pull up
    Paul J. 5
    Curtis G. 5+6 pull
    Alicia 5+5 pull
    Cameron B. 6+3 KB
    Patrick M. 6+10 Push
    Jeff Y. 5+10SU
    Alyssa 4+5pull
    Josh S. 5+2 burpees
    Edgar 4+2 kb
    Yessneia 4+2 pull
    Charissa B. 4+5 burpees
    Sarah A. 4+4KB
    Dina S. 5+2KB
    Dan 4+10Push
    Juan 5+150 meters
    4+100 meters
    Kelly D. 3+10 airsquats
    Savi 4
    Paul A. 5+7pull
    Brian F. 5+10kb
    Phil M. 4+10push
    Kayleigh 4+9HE

    Merci 4+7KB
    Sergei 4+10KB
    Danalynn 3+75meters
    Nick R. 4

  2. Love the app!!! Your wonderful cooobkok has helped me lose nearly 35 pounds since early June 2012. Would love to have the Blendtec to continue on my paleo path! Thanks so much for all you guys do for the Paleo Community!

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