WOD: 5/1/15

For time, with a partner:

50 pull ups (partner must be in dead hang)

50 push press (partner must be locked out overhead)

50 lunges (95/65) (partner must be holding in front rack)

50 push ups (partne must be in plank)

50 dead lifts (partner must be holding at extension)

1 thought on “WOD: 5/1/15

  1. 5:30AM
    Wendell/Paul J-14:05 (45/135/8)
    Brian F/Luis L-14:38 Rx
    Greg H/Todd G-14:31
    Amy S/Melanie C
    Dan V/Mike B-16:21 (rr/kb)
    Bea Z/Lisa V-20:56
    Harley H- O.W
    Sam C-Happy Birthday!!!

    CF Lite
    Kristy V/Kat L-24:08 (115/105)
    Logan B/Luke L-16:56 (185/135)
    Leslie M/Jen B-21:36 (85/105)
    Ana/Susan H
    Dallas C/Katelyn M

    Manuel/Lou-13:10 Rx
    Beka/Luciana-17:36 Rx (b)

    Dave H/Maria C-16:08
    Alex A/Yolonda-16:11 (mod)
    Sid A/Janelle-18:28
    Danalynn/Nick-17:11 (g)

    Cuttone/Holly A-12:42 Rx
    John S/Ron E-17:30 Rx
    Liza/Sue S- 16:38 (mod)
    Raquel/Vanessa L- 17:54 (125 dl)
    Ryan E/Isaac S-16:20 (185 dl)

    Lauren C/Stanley F- 17:49 (mod)
    Amber S/Missy F- 19:13 (mod)
    Olivia E/Chris P-23:09 (mod)
    Chris H/Nita-15:05 (mod)
    Merci C/Rocco- 22:53 (mod)
    Yesenia/Gabby- 22:24 (mod)

    Luis S/Juan L-14:58 (mod)
    Nadine/Gus-12:48 Rx

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