Haiti Decathlon

CrossFit Merced would like to invite you to our annual fitness competition. On January 30, 2016 at CrossFit Merced, we’ll be hosting the 6th Annual Haiti Decathlon. Each year the event has grown and become more anticipated. This year, we’re excited to be able to host another event for athletes to come compete and have fun. The event, though, will be a bit different.

Once again, we’re teaming up with Christian Friendship Ministries to raise money for schools in Northern Haiti. The Haiti Decathlon was started by Ericlee Gilmore as a fundraiser to support Christian Friendship Ministries, his family’s missionary organization that transforms lives in Northern Haiti. Last year, Ericlee lost his battle with cancer and went home to see his savior. He leaves behind a legacy of incredible love and service. We are honored to be able to continue this event in his stead for the 2nd year in a row.

What is it?
The Haiti Decathlon is a CrossFit-style competition that is both simple and beautiful as a test and as a workout. The event consists of 10 movements. Athletes will test themselves for maximum reps at each movement for 2 minutes before moving to the next, with a minute of rest between each movement. The workout takes 29 minutes to complete. The entire competition rests on the 10 movements in the decathlon. There are no extra confusing details or wrinkles. Simple. Beautiful.  The movements (scaled movements in parentheses):

  • Tire Flip & Jump-In & Out
  • Clean & Jerk 115/75
  • Burpees
  • GHD Situps (Ab Mat Situps)
  • Row for Calories
  • Ring Dips (Push Ups on Bench)
  • Deadlift 225/155 (155/105)
  • Pullups (Ring Row)
  • Wall Ball 20/14(14/10)
  • Double Unders (Single Rope Jump)

Your scores will be your rank in each of the 10 movements compared to the other competitors in your division.  The aggregate of your scores will be your final score.

The Competition is a great fit for anyone who wants to compete. It is challenging for advanced CrossFitters – in fact, we are expecting several regional level competitors to compete. It is also a great fit for novice athletes, as there is a scaled division that is perfect for those who might be tentative to sign up because of their physical limitations.  Look at it this way:  If you struggle at a particular movement, you can do your best for 2 minutes and move on to the rest of the workout.  No embarrassing wait around.  The Masters’ division is for 40+.  Above all, it is a great opportunity to get together with other people to compete and have fun.

We know that some CrossFit style competitions can extend late into the day, but our goal for this competition is to make it fun, fair, and efficient. Since the entire competition is scored by a single event, athletes won’t have to stick around forever to find out results. This is sure to be a refreshing alternative to some of the day-long or weekend-long events that tend to drag on for far too long.  Tentatively, we will run the event from 9:00 AM until Noon, depending on the number of competitors.

Finally, we’re excited to announce that 100% of the revenue for the event is being donated directly to Christian Friendship Ministries for the specific purpose of contributing to school building and improvements.

Please join our facebook event page for updates!

Registration for the Haiti Decathlon is closed.  Email us at crossfitmerced@gmail.com to get on a waiting list!

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