WOD 1/6/15

a) 5×5 Strict HSPU
b) 5×8 Ring OR Barbell Roll-outs

12 Min AMRAP
15 Wall ball shots, 20/14
15 Box jump, 20″
15 Push press, 75/55
15 Back Squats, 75/55
30 Double Unders

8 thoughts on “WOD 1/6/15

  1. Nicole-8:41 (55)
    Luciana-8:10 (55)
    Melanie-9:12 Rx
    NIsha-10:12 (55)
    Paul J-9:45 Mod
    Andrew P-11:16 Rx
    Greg H-10:08 Rx
    Arthur-9:20 (75)
    Tony-8:00 Rx

    Morgan-6:02 (55)
    Eddie-10:10 Rx
    Carlos-11:42 Rx
    Baby Carlos-11:34 Rx
    Julie-5:59 Rx
    Desiree-10:15 Rx
    Brian-8:34 Rx
    Chris D-10:55 (75)
    Dina-7:07 (45)

    Chris C-6:09 Rx
    Sue S-11:20 Rx
    Tara J-9:21 Rx
    Maya-10:15 (55)
    Ryan E-11:01 (85)
    Alyssa M-12:00 Rx
    Manuel-7:30 Rx
    Jared-5:25 Rx
    Holly A-5:38 Rx

    Pat-Worked out
    Mike-9:14 Rx
    Ron E-9:01 Rx
    Richie-7:01 Rx
    John S-9:33 Rx
    MIssy-8:25 Rx
    Brittnie-8:30 Rx
    Judy-9:34 (55)
    Goodwin-9:57 Rx
    Alexus-7:41 (35)
    Isabel-9:32 (55)
    Charissa- 8:37 (55)
    Bea Z- 9:23 Rx
    Billy A-7:07 Rx
    Becca- 11:17 Rx
    Vanessa C- 7:18 Rx
    Marissa- 7:38 (55)

    Gus-12:25 Rx+
    Gabby- 12:00 (45)
    Danalynn- 8:58 Rx
    Nick R- 9:38 Rx
    Betty- 10:20 (45)
    Eric- 10:00 Rx
    Dave- 9:56 (75)
    Chris- 8:46 (45)
    Gerard- 11:02 Rx
    Jeremy F- 5:26 Rx

    Kyley- 10:42 Rx
    Merci- 9:19 (55)OHS
    John V- 10:45 Rx
    Samantha- 9:34 Rx
    Juan- 7:57 Rx

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  2. Eric C 2+5 W (8DU)
    Morgan M – 2+3DU Rx
    Luciana J- 3 (10)
    Katy O – Tons of Reps
    Melanie C – 2+15 Box Rx
    Billy A- 2+15 Squats Rx
    Nisha P -2+15 Squats (35/5)
    Mike B – 2+3 Squats
    Tony G – 2+6 Squats Rx

    Wendell H – 2+10 Squats (10DU/45)
    Jared O – 3 HO Squats Rx
    Arthur G – 2+13 Push Press (65)
    Matt VH – 3+2 Box (crap DU)
    Andrew P – 2+15 Push Press Rx

    Joe – 2+5 (65)
    Art DJ – 🙂
    Alex DJ – l+15 (65)
    Nancy – 2
    Heather – 2+15 pp
    Susan – 🙂
    Cally – 2+15pp
    Kristi – 2+11 WB Rx
    Valerie – 2 t 6 Xtra
    Dann – 2

    Julie -3+3 WB Rx
    Desiree -2+4 WB Rx
    Michelle -2+5 P*
    Eddie – 3+11 WB Rx
    Jeremy-Zeus- 41:13
    Keith -Zeus-43:47

    Charissa- 2+15 BS
    Anna- 2 (singles)
    Jeff C- 3+9 Box
    Krista V-

    Edgar- 3+4p Rx
    Yessenia – 2+12 p Rx
    Gabby- 2+15 box (singles)
    Amanda – 2+2p (singles)
    Maya – 2+15 box (singles)
    Adam- 2+1 DU Rx
    Sybrand – 3+6 WB Rx
    Tim- 3 (singles)
    Davin- 2+10s*
    Danalynn- not 3
    Richie – 3+10P Rx
    Shawn 3+7 p (singles)
    Brittnie -2+15s Rx
    Alyssa -2+7 WB Rx
    Travis -3+15 WB (singles)
    William – 3+6p (singles)
    Sue-2+10 WB Rx
    Austin- I forgot
    Mark 3+5p (singles)
    Robbie – 3 Rx
    Troost – 1+15B (singles)

    Erin ✓
    Manuel- 3+4 WB Rx
    Vannesa -3+8p Rx
    John -2+10s Rx
    Luis L- 2+7 BS (singles)
    Cuttone- 3+5 WB Rx
    Ron -3+6 WB Rx
    Emily 2+2 WB(singles)
    Alexus 2+12 Bs (singles)
    Marissa 2 + 12 P singles
    Missy 2+7 PRX
    Liv 2+12p (singles)
    Tamara 2+9 WB (singles)
    Holly 3+15 box Rx
    Josh 3 Rx
    Becca 2+15 BS Rx

    Kelly D 2+10 Wb (singles)
    Dave H 2+15pp (Mod)
    Chris H 2+14 Wb (35/s)
    Eric 3+14 Wb Rx
    Amy 2+5 box Rx
    Betty 2+7pp (45/s)
    Nicole- Karate
    Lou 2+15pp Rx+
    Marc S 2+15pp(.5/s)
    Ryan- Worked out
    Spencer 3+5Wb (10/45)

    Pat 3+4 Du Rx
    Merci C 2+4pp Rx
    Juan L 3+15 box Rx
    Meradith 3+3Bs Rx
    Janelle 2+15Bs Rx
    Sam 2+15 bs Rx


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