How does Holly do it?


I never had to worry much about my weight when I was younger. I was active, more into dance and cheer than sports in high school. I do remember wishing I was skinnier. I had more of an athletic build and muscular legs but would have preferred to be Kate Moss skinny. (Only us 90’s girls will understand.)

Fast forward about 15 years and three kids later. I was struggling a bit to get rid of the last of that ‘baby weight’. I had never been one to work out consistently. I tried this or that but nothing really stuck. I tried to eat healthy by cutting calories and choosing low cal options.

Right after my son turned one my husband drug me kicking and screaming into Crossfit Merced. Lots of our friends were members and loved it. He wanted something we could do together to get in shape. I promised him I would try it but knew it wasn’t for me. I had never lifted a barbell in my life. Well, it did stick and I started to fall in love with how good I felt after surviving each tough workout. I was addicted to the feeling of accomplishment after each new PR. It also helped that everyone there was so accepting. I had found something new that I could be good at!

I started to feel stronger and noticed a difference in how my clothes fit, how my body looked and felt. I stopped caring and paying attention to the weight on the scale. About a month into my CrossFit journey, the gym participated in a Paleo challenge, but I didn’t take part in it; I had enough to figure out. I was still googling what movements were what when the workout was posted every night.

I did, however, pay attention. I listened to what my friends and the coaches were talking about eating. I looked up the Paleo diet and recipes and my husband and I started slowly changing the way we cooked and ate. I started to notice that I felt even better and that my body started to change even more rapidly. I was able to perform better in my workouts. It was about this time that I stopped caring about getting thin. I wanted to be fit! I started longing for that athletic body again and wanted to be strong. I realized I wanted my daughters to know that beauty comes in different forms and to grow up watching their Mom be strong and active.

The concept of eating right is simple, really; eat clean and natural.

Let’s try and approach nutrition with a common sense outlook – You wouldn’t fill up your favorite car with crappy fuel and expect it to run well. Nor would you NOT fuel it and expect it to run forever on fumes. We need to eat well to feel well and perform better at life.

A few of you have asked what I eat so here you go, in a nut shell…I eat a lot of protein, veggies, good carbs, good fat, and a little dairy. I try to eat lean meats but I do love a good steak or hamburger. I love fish but tend to overcook it so I need to work on that a bit. Veggies, the more the better! Good carb; we usually always have a case of sweet potatoes on hand and they are my go to. For healthy fats, I love avocados! I use a lot of coconut oil for cooking and have recently fallen in love with avocado oil. I’ve switched to using whole dairy products when I use them. My body doesn’t tolerate much dairy so I don’t consume very much. I eat fruit but it’s not really my favorite thing so I don’t really worry about eating too much. I try to stay away from bread and enriched products such as white rice and pasta. I also try to avoid sugar. I don’t drink soda and try and drink tons of water throughout the day. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is down some H2O. It just makes sense.

That being said, I am far from perfect. I have my ‘cheat’ meals, days, and weekends away. I love homemade brownies! I’d prefer to sit and eat the bowl of batter and not even put them in the oven:) I just try and space these ‘cheats’ out so they don’t become a habit. I can definitely attest that consistently eating well makes me feel better overall.

Please feel free to ask me for any recipes or snack ideas. We are in this together. Let’s eat well so we can feel and be well.

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