Why you should definitely not CrossFit

Being the owner of a CrossFit affiliate and having done CrossFit for almost 6 years, I’ve heard just about every reason under the sun for why people should NOT do CrossFit. It’s certainly interesting; when I wear my CrossFit Merced sweatshirt out in public (which is almost every day – who am I kidding?), I hear all sorts of fascinating comments, some misguided, and some intriguing. But as someone who enjoys CrossFit and plans on doing it for as long as I can move, here are some reasons why YOU, my friend, should not do it yourself.

It’s expensive.

Yep, it is. Most of our members pay between $129-$149/mo, which ends up being about $1500 per year. All you get in return is access to 8 classes a day, run by a certified coach/trainer who has your well- being at heart; who will teach you how to Olympic lift, who can talk to you about the right fuel to put in your body, who can help you push past barriers you thought would never be broken. You get access to barbells, kettlebells, gymnastics equipment. You learn the importance of a stable and strong midline. You learn kinesthetic awareness (how your body is designed to move). All of these things translate to everyday, real-life situations; playing with kids or grandkids, moving a large package at work, being able to hike a hill without puking. You’ll understand you are not defined by limitations anymore. Your insurance rates will decrease because you are no longer at risk for diabetes or heart disease.

Long story short, you should definitely keep that $130 in your wallet.

RISK; You might get hurt.

Yeah, you might. You also might get hurt getting those boxes of Christmas decorations out of the attic, or turning the wrong way in your desk chair, or picking up a pencil from the ground, or sneezing too hard and blowing out your back (these are all actual, real life injuries I’ve seen people have, btw). Because in CrossFit you’ll have to do things that are hard, there is an inherent risk. Putting weights over your head (incorrectly) is dangerous! Picking up heavy barbells (incorrectly) is dangerous! You’ll certainly be sore and have some fatigued muscles. Your best bet? Stay on the couch and watch Friends reruns; be safe! You should also consider, though, that there’s also the risk of NOT getting fit. If you become/remain unfit, you risk being overweight, and all the sickness and disease that follows. You risk having to get bigger and bigger clothes. You risk the chance to be proud of yourself – and your body. You risk that your kids might think of you as lazy – even if you’re not. You risk not making friends through some amazing shared experiences. SO, if you’re cool with THOSE risks, then yeah, the couch is probably the best place for you. We’ll follow up on the topic of safety tomorrow, but you can read a little about how to not get hurt doing CrossFit here.

It’s really damn hard.

Yeah, it is. You’ll be expected to put your body to work, sometimes doing things you didn’t even know your body could do. You’ll sweat. Your heart will beat out of your chest. You’ll fall on the floor after a workout because you gave every single ounce of energy you had, and you’ll be expected to do the same thing tomorrow. You’ll have to show up consistently. You’ll have to prioritize working out over watching television. You will have to be humble and listen to a movement expert. You’ll have to realize the only way forward is pushing through some pain, and that you’ll actually be better for it. It’s way easier to continue putting off what you know is good for you until tomorrow, and then tomorrow again, until tomorrow becomes 5 or 10 years later and you wonder how you got here.

You have to be humble.

A little humility goes a long way. The problem: we’re not humble. We’re not ok with getting our butts kicked. We’re especially not ok with OTHER PEOPLE SEEING US getting our butts kicked. I don’t care who you are, CrossFit is going to humble you. I have to work out with some amazing fit people and they kick my butt every day. It’s incredibly humbling. So, if you’ve got an ego, if you’ve got a persona, you think people think you’re awesome… Don’t come to CrossFit – that ego/persona is going to get smashed. Stay away. [*whispers:* want to know a secret? Nobody at CFM cares how fit you are or aren’t. All we care about is how hard you try. Show up; give us your best; give us your honest score. You’ll be admired for it every time.]

I could go on! I could tell you about how you’ll have to be accountable to friends, how you will have to be honest with yourself about how fit you actually are, or how you may have to come out of your shell a little bit and meet some new people. But I digress – you get the point. There are plenty of valid reasons for you to not CrossFit. What’s yours?

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  1. Very good article! All extremely valid points! Only thing I’d add is CrossFit, and getting “fit”, made me want to eat better also and now my grocery bill is ridiculous! Plus, my whole family is doing CrossFit(although they only go 3 days a week because they’re not nearly as committed, something about school schedules or whatever) and now we have fun doing it together! My boys keep thinking they’re gonna outlift me soon.

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