Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts & WOD 2/8/17

If you watched the Patriots and Falcons this weekend, you were witness to one of the greatest wins (and comebacks) in Superbowl history. Love him or hate him, Tom Brady put on a clinic. He earned Superbowl MVP for the 4th time in his career, and won an unprecedented 5th title as the starting quarterback for a Superbowl winner. He was, simply put, incredible. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or a hater. Or both.

But I’d like to ask a question, perhaps one you haven’t thought about yet, about his performance; which was his greatest moment of the game? Do you remember which throw was the best? The most meaningful? Or, which drive was more important than the others? To be sure, there were some moments that stood out (Julian Edelman pulled off some magic to pull that catch 1 inch from the ground), but I’d argue that largely, you can’t remember the 3 most significant moments in the game that lead to the Patriots victory. It was, as one announcer described, “death by 1,000 paper cuts.” Moreover, could you list any 5 of those moments from any 5 of the Patriots Superbowl titles? Probably not.

So? What’s the point?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, there are some pretty amazing parallels to your CrossFit journey. Looking back over the last month, (heck, even the last year), can you point to some significant moments that made you become a better, fitter version of yourself? Could you highlight the top 5 workouts you did that made you a better CrossFitter? While my guess is that there may be a few moments that stand out, there are a 1,000 more that you wouldn’t even think of. There are multitudes of other little tiny things you did that added up to where you are now.

Do you remember when you couldn’t hit the target with the prescribed wall ball? Then you did a 1,000 air squats and a 1,000 push presses. Now you don’t think twice about doing 15-20 consecutive wall balls in a row.

Remember when you started CrossFit and dreaded seeing snatches in a WOD? Then you did 1,000 dead lifts and 1,000 hang power snatches and 1,000 overhead squats, now you don’t bat an eye at snatches.

Remember your day 1 Baseline? You thought you were going to puke, then die, or vice versa. Guess what, you did the exact same workout last Friday and CRUSHED your day 1 time…and you weren’t even breathing that hard. That’s because you’ve rowed 1,000s of meters, did a 1,000 sit ups (with some GHDs thrown in), did 1,000 push ups and 1,000 pull ups since then. None of those 1,000s of reps stand out any more than the others. None of them were spectacular in their own regard.

But add them all up. The tens of thousands of good reps you’ve done have got you this far. And you’ll do tens of thousands more, and at some point you’ll look back and think “how did I get here? I’m actually pretty good at this, and I actually kind of like it.”

So keep walking through the front doors of CFM, even when you don’t feel like it. Keep hitting that wall ball target. Keep squatting to depth, every single time. Keep your midline tight on deadlifts and push presses and handstand holds. KEEP SHOWING UP, and doing the tiny little things that seem like they may not matter today, then ask yourself – in one year from now – if all those little things made a difference. I promise you the answer will be a resounding “YES”.

WOD 2/8/17

A) 4×3 D-Ball to Shoulder
B) Med Ball Push Ups 4×10 (switch hands @ top, don’t roll medball!)

10 Rounds, decreasing reps!

10 Box Jumps
10 KB Swings (70/53)
1 Inside Lap

9 Box Jumps
9 KB Swings
1 Inside Lap

(Continue decreasing reps by 1 each round until final round is 1 Box Jump, 1 KB Swing, 1 inside lap)

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