WOD 3/23/17

Hey. Friday Night Lights is almost here. Will you be there??

Stretch Session!

20 Min of :40 work/:20 rest
4 Rounds of
Min 1: Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows
Min 2: Box Step Ups
Min 3: Shoulder Touches (wall or box)
Min 4: Med Ball Push Ups
Min 5: Walking Lunges

Once again, the goal here is NOT burnout, but to go through the full range of motion, get sweaty, but not overdo any single movement.

We appreciate your willingness to be flexible with programming this open season! As you might imagine, trying to give you a great workout while not knowing what each Friday will hold is a difficult and delicate art! We hope you have enjoyed working out these last 5 weeks with the expectation that these workouts will make you fit and more prepared for Friday’s open. Thank you for trusting us with your fitness

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