WOD 3/28/17 and Let’s do a Spartan Race!

First, this: A few of us have decided to do a little road-trip fun. On June 3rd there is a Reebok Spartan Race in Monterey, and we wanna go! Matt and Anthony have signed up (as well as a few others from CFM) and there are still spots left! We think it would be an absolute blast to have a large contingent of folks from CFM there.

You can find more about the race HERE.

You can register for the race HERE.

Our team name is CrossFit Merced and our start time is 10:45am. Lodging and travel logistics are still in undetermined, but we’re looking forward to doing some fun stuff together!

“The Thumb Taper”
5 Hang Power Cleans
*focus on GREAT form over weight. Great pull, great catch, great feet.

18 Min AMRAP
With a Partner –
15 Cal Row
12 Power Snatch (75/55)
9 Toes to bar
*Each partner does a full round (rowing + snatch + TTB) before switching.

2 thoughts on “WOD 3/28/17 and Let’s do a Spartan Race!

  1. Sid/Drea 9+4 Snatch
    Arthur/Dan H 7+2 T2B
    Dave S/Ivan 7+13 Cal
    Melanie/Panyia Lots of Rounds 🙂
    Dan N 3 RDS
    Maribel/Michelle 2+5 T2B
    Julian/Carlos 6+12 Snatch

    Emily/Paul 6+6 Snatch
    Sonia/Alicia 6+12 Cal
    Eric/Jen 12+? Killed it 🙂
    William/Sean 8+10 Snatch
    Holly 4+15 Cal

    Sue/Charissa 6+5 Snatch RX+
    Pat/Jeremy 9+6 Snatch RX+
    Ron/Mickey P/Lindsey 7+15 Cal RX+
    Dave/Diego5+2 T2B RX+
    Tony/Dan V 7 RX+
    Jim/Paul RX+ ?

    Nancy/Judy 7+3 Cal
    DewayneChris 4+15 Cal
    John/Cam 9+3 Snatch
    Cut tone/Richie 10+3 Cal
    Olivia/T 7+8 Cal
    Erin F/Missy 7+2 Snatch
    Paul/Tara 7=7 Snatch
    Lucia a/Dom 8+9 Cal
    Gina/Shannon 6+10 Cal
    Chad/Stephanie 5+3 T2B

    Brian/Eric8+12 RX
    Marc/Davin 6+11 Snatch RX
    Luis/Chris G 8+14 Cal RX
    Linda/Kelli 4+4Snatch
    Bernice/Michelle 9+8 T2B
    Nick/Vic 9+4 Cal RX
    Alexa/Aly 10+12 Cal
    Marissa/Eric 9+3 Cal

    Demaris/Yessenia 7+12 Snatch RX
    Rosa/Marc 5+8 Cal
    Sam Juan 7+7 T2B RX
    Cathie/Brit 5+7 Snatch
    Frito-Lay/Thomas 7+6 T2B RX
    Gabby/Belinda 5+9 Snatch
    Vanessa/Alejandra 5+15 Cal

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