WOD 5/26/17

Once again, a reminder that Monday is Memorial Day. Open gym from 8-11am to do MURPH, with beverages and hang out to follow 🙂

Also, in preparation for the summer, we are making a little change to the kids program. Coach Becky’s summer schedule is different from her school-year schedule, so in order to accommodate that and STILL keep all CFM kids classes in tact, we will be moving the classes from the afternoon on Tuesday and Thursday to our NEW time for ALL ages:

Monday and Thursday at 9am.

This change will take effect on JUNE 5, and continue through the summer until school starts again in August.

Coach Danalynn will still be there, as well, and we’ve also added Coach Sid to the mix! She’s worked with kids for years doing gymnastics, and know she will be a great addition to the CFM Kids team. We hope you will still be able to attend these classes, but let us know ASAP if this doesn’t work for you.


20 Min to work to a Heavy Full Snatch

15 Min AMRAP
Med Ball Run 250m
1 Tire Flip
2 Muscle Ups
3 Burpee Over Box
5 Wall Ball to High target (Men 11’, Women 10’)

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