WOD 6/13/17

It’s been quite a while since we’ve done this one, and we RARELY spend a full hour on strength movements. But this one is a great test. Let’s lift safely and efficiently, and give it 100%!

“CrossFit Total”

No more than 3 attempts at a 1RM of these movements:

Back Squat
Strict Press
Dead Lift

*for those itching to do some conditioning after the hour, a 5k row is a nice sweat session 🙂

3 thoughts on “WOD 6/13/17

  1. NEIL 265PR-155PR-340PR
    DAN N 185PR-115PR-200PR
    CEASER 195PR-95PR-185PR
    KATHY 115-65-185
    ARTHUR 235-105-305PR
    MATT 205PR-135PR-305PR
    CRYSTAL 85PR-65-100PR
    ANDREA 155-85?-215PR

    JR 105-75-155
    JOE 120PR-85-195
    LUIS 135PR-105PR-225PR
    JOJO 115PR-60PR-160PR
    ALICIA 100PR-60PR-145PR
    SEAN 165PR-95-275PR
    DAN H 350-155-385
    PAUL 245PR-110-335PR
    HOLLY 215-95-235

    CHRISSA 145-70-125
    JEREMY 155-315
    BRIAN 305-175-315
    KEITH 305-165-315
    JEN 165PR-80PR-230PR
    MAYA 165-0-230PR
    AMANDA 125PR-65-175PR
    MARI 175PR-70PR-175PR
    GINA 115PR-60-150PR
    DEWAYNE 165PR-105-235PR

    DAVIN 195-135 275PR
    DAVE 185-140PR-245PR
    SUE 155PR-85-PR-190PR
    MISSY 170-110PR-240PR
    TAMARA 140PR-70PR-160PR
    CECILIE 145PR-75PR-195PR
    BRITTNIE 205PR-95PR-250PR
    LINDA 115PR-45PR-135PR
    PANIYA 115PR-45PR-135PR
    DEMARIS 240PR-110PR-250PR
    DAN 🙂
    ELSA 165PR-70PR-225PR
    LIZA 145-60-165
    AUBRIANA 105PR-65PR-165PR
    ALYSSA 105PR-65PR-155PR
    VICTORIA 115PR-50PR-140PR
    EDDIE 275PR-165PR-360
    DANIELLE 165PR-70PR-185PR

    WILL 145PR-75PR-135PR
    RAY 215PR-125PR-265PR
    SEAN 175PR-105PR-265PR
    CRUZ 250PR-155-325PR
    CAM 315-165-725
    RITU 150-70PR-175PR
    RON 235-145PR-305
    ALEXA :)-105-255
    ASHLEY 175PR-75PR-215PR
    DOM :)-95-255

    ERIC A 275-135-315
    BILLY 215-155-355
    VERONICA 165-75PR-175PR
    YESENIA 225-80PR-250PR
    JUDY 160PR-65-190PR
    CHRIS H 150-65-190PR
    GABY 175PR-85PR-195PR
    FRITO 245PR-105-295PR
    JR 165PR-125PR-285PR
    MARC 205PR-125PR-215PR
    NICK 235-150PR-245PR
    GUS 335-160-445

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