SAVE THE DATE 7/22! (And WOD 7/13/17)


These are our friends Tamara and Josh with their awesome kids Jackson and Jenna.

Tamara just found out recently that she will be in the fight of her life, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she still has much to learn about the treatment and the road ahead, we are sure it won’t be easy.

If you know Tamara like we do, you love her and her family, and you would do anything in your power to help in any way possible. So, that’s what we are going to do.

The CFM coaches have decided on July 22 we will host a competition, and we want EVERYONE there. While details of this event are still a bit up in the air, here’s what we know. Cost will be $50 per team (it will be a partner event), which will include lunch and drinks, and EVERY DOLLAR of the proceeds will go toward helping the Simmons family with travel, childcare, meals, etc. The workout will be accessible to EVERYONE, so please come, work out, have a great time, and support our friends.

More details to come!

WOD 7/13/17

Power Clean + Hang Full Clean, Climbing

4 Rounds, Tabata Scoring (lowest score in any round is your TOTAL Score)
:45sec on, :15sec off (to allow for transitions)
Min 1: Row for Cal
Min 2: Push Jerk (95/65)
Min 3: Burpee Target 6″