WOD: 8/8/17

Back Squat 8×3 @85-90%

Intended Stimulus:  The goal here is, again, high volume.  24 heavy squats will take some time, so get warmed up soon enough so that you will have time for all of your sets.  The heavy percentage should require at least 2 minutes rest between sets.

Note: Just as we did last week, our group warmup will be short to give you more time to do your own warmup, and get plenty of rest between sets.

With a Partner
2k Row
150 Kb Swings (53/35)
400 Double Unders
*any rep scheme

Intended Stimulus:  The strength workout is the primary focus today, and it should take up the vast majority of the class time.  Even so, work through this workout at a faster-than-comfortable pace.  Partner workouts are especially beneficial because it is interval work at a nearly 1:1 work rest ratio.  Row fast because you will have plenty of rest when your partner is working.

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