WOD: 8/10/17

1 Minute Skills Challenge
1 Minute Max Effort Double Unders
1MME Back Squats (135/95) (re-racking ok)
1MME 50’ Shuttle Run
1MME Toes to Bar
1MME Shoulder to Overhead (95/65) (weight from floor)
*rest as needed between each exercise

Compare to: WOD 4/5/17

Intended Stimulus: The goal is a true maximum effort in each movement.  This is an effective indicator of a linear increase/decrease in capacity.   Rest as needed between movements.

Death by Burpee Box Jump Over

Intended Stimulus:  Motor Test.  This is a test of your ability to: 1) recover during rest phase between starts, 2) move continuously while heart rate is high, and 3) be efficient in your movement patterns.