WOD 8/16/17

Bigfoot, The Lockness Monster, and the Correctly-Loaded Medball Rack. You rarely see them, but deep in your heart you know they exist.

In all seriousness, folks, it’s that time again to have “the chat”. Quite a few of us have been negligent in putting away our weights correctly, hanging jump ropes in the right spot (they’re color coded by length!), returning weight belts to the hooks, letting kids play in the equipment room, etc.
It’s unfair to our evening coaches to be left with the responsibility of cleaning up after 7 or 8 classes worth of athletes. We know it’s not intentional, but let’s PLEASE be considerate and clean up after ourselves 🙂

Thank you, friends. We love having you at CFM!

AMRAP 4×4, 4 Min Rest in between each AMRAP

For each, 500m 400m/300m Row Buy in, then:

1) Max KB Swings (53/35)

2) Max HSPU

3) Max Target Burpee

4) Max 50’ Plate Push (use a metal plate – push like a sled in 50’ increments)