WOD 12/11/17

First, allow us just a moment to express our gratitude to you, our CFM community. The Holiday Throwdown 2017 was a HUGE success. So many athletes of ALL fitness levels were able to compete right along side each other. It truly was a tangible example of everything we strive to be, and none of it would be possible without you. Thank you.

A few extra special thank you’s need to be sent out, as well… to Morgan Madruga for smoking and slicing all the meet; to Andrea Alvarado for doing all the scoring for us; to Rosa and Missy for organizing and executing the fundraiser for Sid. To Jeff Cole and Becky Drum for being the judges’ judges. For any and all of you who helped set up, tear down, judge, cheer, or just drink beer – thank you.

CFM is a special place for us, and we strive to make it that way for you, too. Merry Christmas and thank you again πŸ™‚ – Anthony and Matt

a) 4×8 HSPU (strict if possible)
b) 4×3 D-Ball to shoulder (as heavy as possible, as quickly as possible)
c) 3×50’ Double KB Front Rack Lunges

For Time:
75 Double Unders
50 Air Squats
25 C2B Pull Ups
50 Kettlebell Swings (53/30)
25/20 Cal Row

1 thought on “WOD 12/11/17

  1. KEITH A 12:58
    ANDREA A 9:50 RX
    DUSTIN T 11:56 RX
    LUIS S 8:49 RX
    BEATRICE 9:46*
    DAN V πŸ™‚
    TODD G πŸ™‚ (5/35/GREEN)
    CESAR 11:55 (26/RR/S)
    ARTHUR G 11:07 RX
    CARLOS C 14:28 *
    CARLOS Z 12:28 RX
    ANTHONY 7:18 RX
    MICHELLE 11:50. (5/18/GREEN)
    ALEXA 747 RX
    DOMINQUE 9:07 RX

    SAIRA 10:58 (S/RR/26)
    ALICIA 10:38. (S/BAND/26)
    DAMAN 11:38 (S/RR)
    MORGAN πŸ™‚
    TONY 11:47 RX
    JULIE 9:05 (BURPEE)
    ART 11:24 (RR/26)
    LINDSEY 10:00 RX
    JEREMY 11:45 (BURPEE)
    MATT H πŸ™‚

    MATT D 8:39 RX
    JEN 10:58 RX
    ART D 13:10 (S/B/35)
    PAUL 12:33 (S/B/35)
    SEAN. 10:40 (S/35)

    CUTTONE 9:05 RX
    ALEXUS 10:35*
    AMY 9:40 (PU)
    DIXIE 9:50*
    MAYA 10:20 (RR)
    SUE 10:57 (PU)
    ELIZ πŸ™‚
    HOLLY 9:17 RX
    VICTORIA 9:50 *

    DEMARIS 7:47 RX
    DAN 6:28 RX
    CAMERON 8:35 RX
    ASHLEY 9:01 RX
    MISSY 9:26 (PULL)
    RON 9:05 (WM RX)
    GABBY 10:52 RX
    ROCCO 11:19 (B/35)
    AARON 9:23 (S)
    LINDSEY 13:08 RX
    JIM 10:49 RX
    GINA 11:58*

    ERIC 9:11 RX
    YESSENIA 8:35 RX
    GOODWIN 10:28 RX
    VERONICA 11:08 (PU)
    LETTY 11:15 (PU)
    ASH 10:08 (S)
    RITU 14:50 (BR/S)
    SASHAE 9:10 (RR/26)
    COURTNEY 9:27 (BLK/26)
    JESSE 14:00 (RR/26)
    JAZ 12:30 (RR/18)

    GUS 8:40 RX
    MARC S 8:46 RX
    SAM 10:26 (S)
    FRITO 11:13 (1/2 S)
    JUAN 9:25 RX
    JULIAN 11:50 S
    CARLOS 12:40 (S)
    GERARD 14:40 RX
    HERMY 13:58 (S)
    LUIS R 14:30 (S)
    DAN 11:40 (S)
    SHANNON 12:21 (S/26)
    BLANCA 13:53 (S)
    JANET 15:53 18?S)
    JAZMIN 9:50 RX
    BELINDA 10:59 RX
    VANESSA G 13:17 RX
    JEANNIE 15:30 (S)
    ALEJANDRA 12:20 (S)
    SUSAN 16:35 (S)
    LYNDA 12:56 (S)
    RAJU 14:30 (S)
    ALONDRA 15:40 (18/S)
    NATALIE 12:10 (S)

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