WOD 1/22/17 and “Open Prep”

We are officially 1 month away. Whether you love it or hate it, the CrossFit Open comes every year. It is a chance to throw down with everyone from every age from every country, and it is an absolute blast.

As we have in previous years, we will be placing you on a coach’s team. Whether or not you “officially” sign up for the open on the games site, we will still be doing the prescribed workouts on Friday nights (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!), and we want as many people there as possible.

Our programming will be geared toward getting you ready to compete at YOUR best level.

If you are new to the Open, PLEASE ask a coach or veteran member about it, and stay tuned here as we will be giving you more updates and opportunities to be ready for these 5 tough workouts 🙂

a) 3x50ft OH Walking Lunge
b) 3×1 Min Plank (Weighted if possible)

500m Row
KB Swing
Goblet Squat
500m Row