WOD 2/1/17

EVERYONE!! We still have Super Bowl squares left to fill! They have to be done by Friday so we can draw the numbers. Also, FRIDAY will be the last day to put in your order for the 1/4 pullover… sign up at the retail desk asap!!

Also, a few of us coaches have noticed some housekeeping items we would like to address. These are small things at the moment, but if left unattended to, could develop into bigger things in the future.

First, we LOVE, as we are sure you do, the community we have created at CFM. We root each other on, cheer for each other, maybe talk a little smack, but generally want each other to do well. We would like to encourage those folks who finish their workouts early to wait to put away equipment until the rest of the class is done; pull up a box or sit on the floor if you want, but, whenever possible, stay and cheers those in your class who are finishing up the WOD. This is a simple, but incredibly encouraging way to foster the community we want to see!

Also, we LOVE when people show up early or stay late to do extra/accessory work. Seriously, take full advantage of our gym hours and equipment whenever you like! However, we are going to ask that you be fully responsible for ALL equipment you use. This means caring for it like you paid for it – no dropping dumbbells or empty barbells, being gentle on the 10s, and putting everything away in it’s proper spot when you are finished using it. We understand it’s easy to forget (and we coaches do, too), but let’s all make an effort to care for equipment and put it away when finished!

Thank you everyone, we appreciate you.

8 Min EMOM
1 Full Clean + 1 Front Squat, Climbing

15 Min AMRAP
15 Deadlifts (225/155)
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
15/12Cal Row