WOD 2/6/18 and some OPEN information

Whether you love it or hate it, OPEN season is coming. The CrossFit Games Open is 5 consecutive weeks of workouts where you get to compete against literally everyone in the world. Yes, that sounds intimidating; don’t let it be.

Just like in all our classes, EVERY workout can be scaled. It’s a blast to do the workouts CrossFit HQ prescribes every Friday, to be cheered on by a bunch of friends, and to be able to give your absolute best in a crazy an fun environment.

We would like to encourage everyone to officially sign up for the Open HERE. In doing so, you will get to see exactly how you rank against people in your own age group and workout category each week.

And, even if you don’t sign up for it, you’ll be on one of the coach-led teams here at CrossFit Merced. These teams will compete each week for bragging rights for 5 weeks, at which point we will crown a victor. IT IS A BLAST.

If you have more questions about how the open goes and what we do, please ask a coach. We are excited to test our fitness with you this Open season!

Work to a 1RM Front Squat

3 Rounds:
33 Air Squats
22 Pull Ups
11 Handstand Push-ups