WOD 2/21/17

Seems to have been some confusion about our Friday Night Lights schedule – so here it is 🙂

18.1 – Friday, Feb 23rd: Doors Open at 6pm, Heats start at 7pm. BYOB!
18.2 – Friday, March 2nd: NO FNL! 18.2 will be done in REGULAR classes on Friday and Saturday
18.3 – Friday, March 9th: @ RESIDENT CROSSFIT in Modesto! We will gather at CFM at 5:30, leave Merced by 5:45, and get to Modesto by 6:30. Heats start at 7pm 🙂
18.4 – Friday, March 16th: NO FNL! 18.4 will be done in REGULAR classes on Friday and Saturday
18.5 – Friday, March 23rd: This is the GRAND FINALE! We will be hosting Resident CrossFit, and we want to go out with a bang! Big Vic’s BBQ truck will be in the parking lot for ALL your food needs (Vic’s is incredible, you won’t be disappointed!), and we will stay late to celebrate with some adult beverages!

SOME FAQs on the OPEN:
Do I have to sign up to compete?
*If you’d like your scores to be registered on the CF games site and compete against the rest of the world, yes. It’s tons of fun and we highly encouraged this. Even if you don’t, however, you will be placed on a CFM team to compete for fun 🙂

Do I have to work out on Friday Nights?
*Short answer: NO. However, we would LOVE as many of us as possible to throw down on Friday night. The atmosphere is electric, and it’s loads of fun to workout with those from the gym you might not see on a regular basis.

Can I scale the workouts?
*OF COURSE. As always, the workouts are scaleable to fit your fitness level. EVERYONE can compete


Strength –
a) Dumbbell Push Press 3×5, across (but heavy)
b) Bent Over KB Row, 3×8 (each arm) across (but heavy)
c) 3×1 Minute Handstand Hold (may work on shoulder touches here if you’d like)

Conditioning –
4 Rounds for Time
30 Double Unders
20 KB Swings (53/35)
10 Box Step Ups (24/20)
*do 3 burpees to start the workout, then 3 burpees every minute on the minute until the final rep of box step ups is complete!

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