3/5/18 and 18.2 Make Ups, and 18.3 at RESIDENT

Some good, good stuff so far for 18.2! People hitting PRs after that workout is pretty impressive. If you need to make up 18.2, you can do so tomorrow – we will have part of the gym set up for that. Remember – if you are registered officially for the open, you must have your score submitted before 5pm tomorrow!

Also, this Friday we will be traveling to Modesto to join our friends at Resident Crossfit for 18.3! We plan on gathering at CFM about 5:15 and carpooling there. We SERIOUSLY hope you are planning to go with us and have a great night!

Finally, there are a few movements we KNOW will be coming up in the next week or two. This week we’ll be concentrating on efficiency of movement in regards to these. Let’s have a great week 🙂

25 Min alternating EMOM
5 Rounds of:
Min 1: 15-20 Wall Balls
Min 2: 6-8 Deadlifts (225/155)
Min 3: 20-40 Double Unders
Min 4: 10-15 Box Jumps
Min 5: 8-12 HSPU

*the goal is to move well across all these movements. We will not be keeping score, but we will be no repping! We want all members to be able to perform these movements to the best of their ability, so ask a coach or another member for their eyes. Make sure what you are doing each rep is legit. Let’s get better this week.