WOD 3/12/16 and 18.3 MakeUps

If you missed going with us to Resident CrossFit on Friday, you really missed it. It was SUCH a good time, and so much fun to workout with friends from Modesto. Good news though – they’re coming to visit us for 18.5, and we are going to do it up. Stay tuned.

If you need to make up 18.3 you can still do that Monday. Our coaches will get you going, go over standards with you and your judge, and get the clock running for you.

For everyone else:

a) 3×15 OR Max Effort C2B
b) 3×50′ Dumbbell Walking Lunges (shoulder rack)
*scale accordingly, of course. If you can only do 7 C2B and that’s your Max Effort, great. If you can’t do a single C2B and are working on pull ups, great. You get it…

Alternating EMOM, 3 Rounds
1) 9-15 Deadlifts (225/155)
2) 9-15 Hand Stand Push Ups
3) 15-20 Box Jumps
4) Max Effort Wall Balls (20/15)
5) Rest

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