WOD 3/19/18

Ok folks, last chance to do 18.4 today. Again, we will be running our regular program and trying to accommodate 18.4 make ups, and will do the best we can to make it all happen.

Also – we are guessing 18.5 will include at least 2 of the following movements: thrusters, wallballs, chest to bar pull ups, and box jumps, so our programming this week will reflect that prediction.

Finally, this Friday we will be hosting Friday night lights at CFM, and Resident Crossfit from Modesto will be joining us! We will have a food truck out front and drinks inside, so PLEASE plan on joining us for the last open event of the season 🙂



10 min EMOM
3 Thrusters, across. Start heavy stay heavy…heavier than last week!

10 rounds
10 Wall balls
5 C2B

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