WOD 3/22/18

If you’ve been without internet and in away from the gym for a month, listen…

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Doors open at 5:30pm, heats begin at 6:30pm. We will be joined by Resident CrossFit, we will have food available for purchase, and we will work out really hard. BYOB.

Yes, we will still have classes on Friday (5:30, 8:00 and 9:00am, 3:30, and 4:30pm) but we are encouraging everyone who can to join us in the evening fun. Even if you can’t work out then, drop by to cheer your friends on and have a drink 🙂

WOD 3/22/18

Mobility Sesh

:30 sec on, :30 sec off for 15 Min
1) Row for Calories
2) Air Squats
3) Plank
4) Med Ball Squat Cleans
5) Grasshoppers

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