WOD: 4/2/18

3-4 Rounds (15 Minutes, working with short breaks):
A) Strict Pull Ups x  8 to 12 reps (or pull Up Negatives x 3-5 reps) [Adv: C2B]
B) Banded Lateral Walk x 10m Each Direction
C) Land Mine Twist  x 20 reps

Even: 1 Power Clean
Odd: 2 Hang Squat Cleans

Warm up sufficiently.  Start with a heavy working load.  Build if possible

40 Dumbbell Burpee Box step Overs (20″ max height for everyone)
*No prescribed load.  Work continuously with challenging load.

Today, as every day, is an opportunity for you to improve in one or many aspects.  The object is to develop (or reinforce, as the case may be), proper positioning and elicit a stimulus for adaptation.  I.e., push yourself and you will get better.

Also, classes for the next few weeks will require nearly the fully allotted hour.  Please come in early and perform your warm up.  Time for class warm ups will be brief, if at all.