WOD: 4/3/18

4 Rounds:
A) Tempo Dips (dumbbells on boxes) x 5 to 8 reps
B) Weighted Hip Extensions x 10 to 12 reps
C) Upper Body Sled Drag x 60 ft.
D) Paused Back Squat (2 Second pause at rock bottom) x 5 reps

For Time:
30 Pull Ups
800m Run
15 Front Squats (155/105)
*for scaling, first prioritize positioning and range of motion, and choose a load that you can safely perform all reps.  From there, loading should be prioritized over cycle rate.

3 Rounds:
A) Double Handle Bent Row x 10 Reps
B) Hollow Rock x 20 – 30 Seconds
*Auxiliary work is designed to act as a compliment to each day’s programming for those who prefer to develop additional capacity.  Coaches will give instruction and feedback for auxiliary work for those who want it, but no class time will be dedicated to the Auxiliary work. Feel free to come early or stay late for this.