WOD: 4/24/18


Alternating EMOM for 12:00 –
Odd: 2 Front Squats
Even: 4 Back Squats
*Climb if possible, but must start with heavy working load.


400m Run
30 Box Step Ups w/Dumbbell (50/35)
30 Dumbbell Snatch
30 Pull Ups
400m Run
*For Step ups, reach full extension at top of box, but leave laces of trailing foot on front of box. I.e., these are a ONE-LEGGED movement.
[Advanced: Heavier Dumbbell + C2B Pull Ups]

3 Rounds:
a) Good Mornings x 10 Reps
b) Snatch Balance x 2 Reps

If you have a new person(s) in your class, you must introduce yourself, be nice, and do your best to help them feel comfortable – or you must do a thousand burpees – your choice.  Be friendly.  Be positive. Work hard & smart.  Keep CFM great.