WOD 4/26/18

10 Shoulder-2-Overhead (135/85)
15 Deadlifts
10 S2OH (155/105)
15 Dead lifts
10 S2OH (185/125)
15 Deadlifts
[advanced: extra round @ 225/155]
*if you scale today, please consider going a little heavier than you normally would. If you scale the weight and go unbroken through your sets, you’ve missed the point.

“Bulletproof Shoulder Complex”
4-5 rounds:
8-10 Reps with both arms simultaneous, using dumbbells:
Front Raise
Lateral Raise
Reverse Fly

After 4-5 Rounds, finish with 2 sets to failure:
DB Arnold Press (video HERE)
*All movements should maintain midline stability and should be slow/strict

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