WOD: 5/2/18

a) Land Mine Strict Shoulder Press x 8 each arm
b) Weighted Hip Extension x 8-12 reps
c) Weighted Strict Push Up x 8-12 reps

Athlete’s choice –
For Time: 100Kb Snatches (53/35)
*Snatches may be done from the hip; no requirement for alternating. Dropping a kettlebell results in disqualification per RKC.


For Time: 100 Cal Row

*Compare to 3/31/17  or 12/5/17.

3 Rounds:
a) Double Handle Bent Row x 10 Reps
b) Continuous walking sled Drag w/ harness x 60 Sec.
c) Banded Russian KB Swings x 30 Seconds AFAP

*Do not conserve energy to perform the Auxiliary work after the conditioning.  Each day’s strength/conditioning should require your absolute best effort.  It is MUCH better to perform the first parts of the workout with your best effort, and skip the auxiliary entirely, than it is to pace yourself through each portion so that you can complete it all.  Many years ago, Greg Glassman said “Be impressed by intensity, not volume.”   Intensity (in regard to most CrossFit workouts means an increase in speed or load) will give your a greater stimulus for adaptation than volume (which simply means doing more work).  Another way to say this: It’s better to do less work, HARDER, than doing more work while taking it easy.  The best visualization of this is comparison of sprinters and endurance athletes:  Sprinters are lean, muscular, and flexible, while the worlds best endurance athletes, though amazingly gifted at their craft, lack much of the capacities that life requires, like strength, power, and coordination.  This is one of the reasons we prefer CrossFit methods over long, slow, cardio routines.  Our short, high intensity work makes your look/feel/function/labor better than endurance training.  In the same regard, Auxiliary work is very good, but it’s not as important as great effort during the primary daily prescriptions.