WOD: 6/22/18

4-5 Rounds:
A) Standing – Upper Body Sled Drag w/Rope
B) Yoke Carry x 100′ (50′ down/back)
C) D Ball Cleans x 4 Reps – As heavy as possible

20 Min of :40 work/:20 rest
4 Rounds of
Min 1: Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows
Min 2: Box Step Ups (can add load)
Min 3: Shoulder Touches (wall or box)
Min 4: Walking Lunges (can add load)
Min 5: Alternating Med Ball Push Ups (Scale: Bench push ups)
* Choose the amount of reps to make it challenging; Add load if you can cycle through reps quickly and continuously for :40 (but not if it slows you down)
Compare to 3/23/17

Alternating Tabata for 8 Rounds:
A) Toes-2-Bar
B) Russian Twists