WOD: 6/28/18

1A) Deadlift 4×3, 75% of 1rm, ACROSS (use the same weight for every set)
1B) Strict Pull Ups 3×10 (or 5 negatives)

25 Calorie row BUY IN, then…
3 rounds for time –
15 Push Press (75/55)
12 Toes To Bar
9 Power Snatch
Compare to 5/26/16

3 Rounds
a) Flutter Kicks x 30 Seconds
b) See-the-lights w/sloooooow tempo x 30 seconds
c) Heavy Walking Sled Drag w/harness x 60 Seconds
*Rest minimally between movements, rest as needed between rounds.

INDEPENDENCE DAY SCHEDULE: We are closed on July 4, but encourage you to join us for the Atwater Run For Independence.  Details and Sign Ups Here.