WOD: 7/23/18

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds of:
1 minute max reps Wall Balls (20/14)
1 minute max reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55)
1 minute max reps Box Jumps (20 for everyone)
1 minute max reps Push Press
1 minute max reps Calorie Row
1 minute rest
*total reps = score

Compare to 8/11/17 and/or 12/10/15.

1 thought on “WOD: 7/23/18

  1. S=steps

    5:30 AM

    Andrea A.-274 (mod)
    Kathy W.-248 (8/45)
    Jasmine-174 Rx-s
    Holly-304 Rx
    Chris W.-212 (14/55)
    Neil-246 Rx-s
    Paul-274 Rx-s
    Carlos-305 Rx-s
    James-224 Rx
    DeJager- IDK
    Alexa L.-353-Rx
    Billy-282 Rx
    Arthur-262 Rx-s

    8:00 AM

    Julie-275 Rx
    Bea-146 Rx-s
    Brees- 162 (35/10)
    Shawn E.-294 Rx
    Paul J.-235 Rx-s
    Eric-162 (15/steps)
    Kasey- 199 (10/steps)
    Robert-274 Rx
    Mayra-193 Rx
    Jim B.-245 Rx
    Gina-194 (10/steps)
    Merissa-346 Rx

    9:00 am

    Mette-346 (10/steps)
    Soren-373 Rx
    Jen DJ.-218 Rx
    Katie-228 Rx
    Amanda- 201 Rx-s
    Lauren-150 (45/steps)
    Lindsey-232 Rx
    Rueger-213 Rx
    Cruz-221 Rx
    Raquel-216 Rx
    Moni-165 (45)
    Sean E.-209 (55)
    Matt D.-306 Rx

    3:30 PM
    Luis-234 Rx
    Eric B.-171 (mod)
    Brittney-212 Rx
    John S.-310 Rx
    Anthony A.-190 (14)
    Dixie-173 (8)
    Travis-243 Rx
    Demaris-348 Rx-s
    Harley-346 Rx-s
    Dom-314 Rx
    Merideth-316 Rx-s
    Ron E.-286 Rx
    Ellie-193 Rx
    Emma-208 (10)
    Steve H.-238 Rx
    Art-227 Rx
    David-289 Rx

    4:30 PM

    Sid-39 Rx
    Amy P.-244 Rx
    Shawn M.-295 Rx
    Aaron-276 Rx
    Saira-178 (6/steps)
    Missy F.-266 Rx
    Richie-296 Rx

    5:30 PM

    Cameron-290 Rx
    Yessenia-274 Rx
    Maya-237 Rx
    Eric A.-305 Rx
    Paul-184 Rx (rom)
    Andrea-181 (35/14)
    Chris H.-206 (6/45)
    Marc S.-246 Rx
    Rosa-243 (rowed right out of my shoes)
    Melanie-206 (45/10)
    Charissa-252 Rx
    Jessica C.-221 Rx
    Ashley V.-334 (35)
    Dan H.-395 Rx
    Gus-395 Rx

    6:30 PM

    Frito-299 Rx
    Hermy-212 Rx
    Gabby-277 Rx
    Belinda-182 Rx
    Kami-236 Rx-s
    Sierra-236 (10-steps)
    Shannon R.-213 (45)
    Mario M.-247 Rx
    Raju-191 Rx
    Bernie-215 (55)
    Alejandra-233 Rx
    Veronica-149 (45)
    Janet-164 Rx
    Astolfo-227 Rx
    Gerard-248 Rx
    Josh R.-228 Rx
    Julian-261 Rx
    Carlos-200 Rx
    Blanca-159 Rx
    Juan L.-294
    Luis-219 Rx

    7:30 PM

    Rebecca-145 (10)
    David-191 Rx
    Saahil-158 Rx
    Serenna-179 (10/35)
    Elva-174 (8/35)
    Yvette-206 (8/25)
    Ethan-197 (14/65)
    Angie-175 (10)
    Nora-208 (8/35)
    Rocio-140 (10)
    Maria-218 (10)
    Jessica-202 Rx
    Anthony-146 (55/14)
    Jenny-197 (10)
    Alyssa-177 (10)
    Erika-139 (10)
    Rosie-179 (6/25)
    Cookie-214 Rx
    Erica B.-143 Rx
    Sylvia-196 (10)
    Raquel-187 (10)

    DAY 4
    EMILY- 5 Rds (26/15)

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